Here are the best paces you need to watch from the Amazing Game Finish Fast 2022


Every January for the past few years, some of the best gamers around the world have come together to host an exhibition that showcases how well you can break some of the best games ever made. create – if you spend enough time, patience and skill to craft.

enter Great game completed quickly (or AGDQ, if you want to get it out of your mouth faster). The past few years have seen the twice-yearly event take place online thanks to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped the event from donating tons of money to charity or providing some extremely hyped moments for all of us to enjoy during the marathon.

This year was also a record-setting year for AGDQ: as well as seeing nine in-game world records set at the event, AGDQ 2022 is the highest earning marathon in full history. the color of the event, raising the level of impression $3,416,729.85 to the Cancer Prevention Foundation (at the time of writing). Among them, an eye 3,179.822.91 USD was raised without the addition of Subscribe/Bits/Sponsor contributions, meaning donations from this year’s stream just beat previous years’ totals. Not bad for some gamers flipping through games, right?

While we recommend visiting the AGDQ Twitch page or the official Youtube account to watch as many runs as possible, we know we can’t find the time to review seven days’ worth of footage. Finally, we’ve listed some of our favorites below, so you can get a good idea of ​​how impressive this year is.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Blind any %)

OK, let’s start with the race everyone is talking about – and the one you’ve no doubt seen plastered all over your social feeds. In this run, a week high without a shadow of a doubt, Mitcriz managed to finish the entire game blindfolded. If you’ve struggled against the hoodlum, Gyoubu, and spent hours trying to finish it with all of your powers intact, a glimpse into the incredible show of skill. This surprise (17 minutes in boss battle) will make you feel about 3cm tall.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this run was the fact that it came in 45 minutes past the scheduled time, with Prabhriz canceling the game after just two hours. I’m not sure I can get past the first boss in that time, let alone the whole damn game. This is what speed racing is all about, and the fact that runners can do this without any vision – relying solely on memory and improvising with audio cues – will never surprising now.

Pokemon Crystal Race (Key Item Randomizer)

Pokemon speedruns is my favorite, and not just for nostalgia; there’s usually a lot of fan interaction, naming incentives and silly things runners do to skip even a split second never without a smile and sometimes it’s nice to watch a The game you love to indulge in for hours on end for weeks (or months, or years) will be beaten in hours. This randomizer running from Keizaron, 360Chrism and Shenanigans serves as the host to some great pranks and is a great showcase for all those participating in the stream knowing their stuff inside and out.

Where Pokemon runs often require people to follow modified routes to the point of being tedious, this run practically makes everything but the Pokemon’s stats random. Want to start the game with Victreebel? Go ahead. Want to get all the Gym Badges in a different order? Guaranteed! Want to encounter Legends sooner than you should, by any means? It’s all part of the plan, honey.

Come as the euphoric randomness of the event puts all runners in the running, stay to give an official apology to Bulbasaur.

Slay The Spire (4 characters not split)

If you’ve spent 30 minutes on Slay the Spire, you might take a second to look at someone playing the game quickly and think “how the hell did you do that?” Well, SpeedFrog is here to show you how. This run is cue – meaning SpeedFrog needs to make decisions as the run goes on and has no foresight of what will happen as the game goes on. In layman’s terms; this run is like setting up you or i start the title for a normal run. Gulp.

If you’ve ever struggled with this game, I couldn’t recommend watching this run more: SpeedFrog’s encyclopedic knowledge of everything there is to know about Slay the Spire is equally inspiring and impressive. It doesn’t always feel smarter to just watch a quick-paced match, but scoring a SpeedFrog score and then kicking off the game on its own has allowed me to do a lot. thing, much better than what I did in Slay the Spire. long time.

This is a master class in using all four characters in the game as it is a speed race. An essential view for fans of deckers as well as roguelikes.

Pumpkin Jack (NG +, No OOB)

One of the less exposed games on our list this year, Pumpkin Jack is a PC game from 2020 that mainly made the list because of the lavish motion technology that athlete Jaxler constantly get in the game. There’s some new speed tech featured in this video and some great commentary to keep us all on top of what’s going on, thanks to Bryonato and CorundumCore’s support. This makes watching this really easy and fun.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, this run is one of nine World Records set at this year’s event!

Hades (All Weapons Race)

Last year, one of my standout activities in best AGDQ 2021 speed Go to Hades, where Vorime has completely destroyed the three-arms race. This year, Hades makes the list again, but thanks to a heart-pounding race between gulls and melodies. In addition to seeing runners all displaying a deft and versatile understanding of each weapon, boss, and enemy, we also get to see the ever-rebellious Zagreus plant some loving pets on Cerberus – something which we don’t expect in a speed race. OH.

In terms of pure skill, this race is truly eye-catching; watch the final [REDACTED] Bosses melt in record time, see room after room perfectly, and learn more about why Artemis and Poseidon – for example – have some of the best synergy to play with quickly will never get old. Vorime and Latt Millard’s climactic commentary is the icing on the underworld’s pie.

Webbed (Any %)

Another underrated game here, Webbed makes this list because of the appeal of the title itself as well as the incredible performance showcased at AGDQ. ShadowthePast presents this captivating, fast-paced PC platform of 2021 in a compelling way that’s easy to explain – no doubt – has seen a surge in sales for the web-based surf game on the spider web when the run is finished.

We’ve heard some really nice history of the routes taken in this game to get to where the current speedway is, and we also got to see some really cool implementations. of web-slinging technology in games. Finishing the run in just over 17 minutes, ShadowthePast achieved a World Record in this run.

It takes two (any %)

Winning countless awards in 2021, there’s a reason Josef Fares’ It Takes Two will be at AGDQ 2022. ItzBytez and whoishyper joined forces to tackle the quirky co-op and from the start we were get a glimpse of how this run will play out. The whole thing starts with a hellish glitch that sets the scene for some dramatic skips and major glitches throughout the run. Whether it’s defeating bosses without a second thought or breaking through walls for some awesome off-limits feats, this run is a great consideration whether you’ve played game or not.

End the whole experience in 1.45 hours? Deep impression.

Resident Evil Village (Shadow Village, No Incident)

You would think that a game that came out last year wouldn’t really have a lot of pace to follow – much less, some incredible routes on offer – yet. However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching AGDQ over the past few years, it’s that you should never underestimate the fast paced community. With that in mind, here’s the run for Resident Evil Village, the hardest, no hiccups. Eesh.

7rayD – shakes up some woes during runtime – tries to finish the game in 1:55:54. Right from the start of the game – where we see Ethan’s kid rendered with Chris’ head – through to the end when the climactic battle is nothing more than a mediocre performance, this run is impressive. Don’t put it in the background; you will not be able to work or do anything else while it is working because you will be attracted by its breakneck speed and bright commentary. Here are the best paces you need to watch from the Amazing Game Finish Fast 2022

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