Here’s the real reason your penis is shaped like a mushroom, according to a urologist

A UROLOGIST has discovered why the male penis ends up having a mushroom shape.

It comes after Google searches on surge.

dr Stefan Buntrock is a urologist - he explained why the penis is shaped the way it is


dr Stefan Buntrock is a urologist – he explained why the penis is shaped the way it isCredit: UroChannel/YouTube
The penis is mushroomy at the end, but there's a reason for that


The penis is mushroomy at the end, but there’s a reason for thatPhoto credit: Getty

dr Stefan Buntrock, urologist from Göttingen, explained the scientific justification.

On his YouTube account, UroChannel, he said that from an evolutionary perspective, the penis functions as a “tool.”

He said: “From a male point of view, it’s logical to be careful to pass one’s genes on to offspring…

“Evolution has provided men with multiple strategies to increase their chances of beating the competition since the woman may have multiple partners.

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“The shape of the penis is one of those strategies.

“Its mushroom-shaped head and particularly the coronal ridge below the glans make it a semen displacement device.”

Why would a man want or need to remove semen from another woman’s vagina?

dr Buntrock said, “Because just in case someone else deposited their seed, does it make evolutionary sense to remove it.

“[This is so that] the other’s genes don’t make it into the egg, which increases the chances of your own genes succeeding.”

dr Buntrock mentioned a study 20 years ago that first described and tested this theory.

Researchers led by State University of New York Professor Gordon Gallup used artificial genitalia in a series of experiments.

They deposited artificial sperm made from cornstarch and water in an artificial vagina.

Then they measured how much semen could be removed from artificial penises with or without a crown ridge.

The crested artificial penises could exhaust up to 90 percent of the “seed” substitute with just one thrust.

But a member without a crown crest only managed to remove 35 percent of the seed.

“The results were very interesting because the penis works like a piston,” said Dr. colored skirt.

“The depth of penetration was also important. Significant displacement was found only when the penis was 75 percent or more inserted.”

The researchers said their research found evidence that men unknowingly use their penises in their own way.

dr Buntrock said: “In an additional survey, the researchers analyzed data from 122 male and 173 female college students who completed a survey about their sexual behavior after a period of separation.

“[The] The bottom line is that almost 70 percent noticed a change in their own sexual behavior and in the sexual behavior of their partner after a phase of separation.

“The thrusting was reported to be deeper, more frequent and more powerful.

“This means that if the penis is a sperm-removal tool, deeper and more forceful thrusting could be interpreted as a means of removing possible sperm from other men that got there during the time of separation.

“It doesn’t happen consciously, but automatically.”

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dr Buntrock added: “Whether these findings and explanations are true or not, I don’t think anyone will be able to answer for sure.

“But that sounds like a very logical explanation to me.” Here’s the real reason your penis is shaped like a mushroom, according to a urologist

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