Holby City actress Jac Naylor’s famous sister, real life and future pregnancy challenge

Holby City will air its final episode tonight – and it could well be the end for Jac Naylor.

After 23 years of birth, death and tense scenes in cinemas, the hospital-based movie is having to shut down life support.

Despite the passionate love from rabid fans, BBC bosses are still refusing to budge and this time tomorrow there will be no more Holby.

In tonight’s dramatic finale, we’ll discover whether Jac survived her brain tumor surgery – with her rapidly declining health serving as a metaphor for the chapter itself. submit.

Rosie Marcel, who has been on Holby since 2005, admits breaking up her character was like a death.

When she was first told that the medical drama was over, Rosie revealed that it felt like going through stages of grief, including anger, complacency, and emotion.

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“We’re in the final stages and it’s all just beginning,” she said Soap inside in November.

“However, it will be with great sadness that I have to say goodbye to Jac. She has been my friend for 16 years, and I don’t hesitate to say that she is one of the most important figures in history. of the show. She touched the lives of so many people.”

Rosie said the epilogue would be “spectacular” and expressed her gratitude to the NHS and everyone involved in producing the show.

She continued: “The end is a huge nod to the NHS and to all who do Holby. We have almost 300 people who are losing their jobs here, but we are all trying and looking. out all the stops.

“We can give up and go, ‘Go to sleep’, but we don’t. Let’s wait and see what we can do!”

Rosie has been a part of Holby City for 17 years and has been in over 20 episodes of The Bill before that – but she’s not the only famous member of her family.

Her mother, Lindsey Brook, is an actress and her father is Terry Marcel, who is known for the 1980 hit film Hawk the Slayer.

Rosie’s younger sister is also an actress, Kelly Marcel, who has had small roles in Holby City, Casualty and The Bill.

Actress Rosie Marcel plays Holby City’s Jac Naylor

But she decided to give up acting to become a screenwriter – co-wrote the screenplay for the movie Saving Mr. Banks by Tom Hanks and wrote the screenplays for Fifty Shades of Grey, Venom and Cruella.

She is also the executive producer of the American science fiction series Terra Nova in 2011.

In real life, Rosie has had to battle a series of life-threatening illnesses that can still kill her.

The actress’s problems started when she was 20 years old and was diagnosed with gynecological endometriosis later found out she has a hemophilia.

‘I bled for about 4 months, then I passed out in the shower and had to rush to the hospital for an emergency blood transfusion,’ she told The Mirror in 2011.

“The doctors told me I nearly bled to death and further tests showed I had problems with blood clotting, a form of hemophilia in women.”

But six years later, Rosie faced even worse when she developed the potentially fatal Behcet’s disease, an inflammatory disease in which white blood cells attack healthy cells.

The rare condition left her so debilitated that she had to stay in bed for two years and was in so much pain that she fell when she tried to walk.

Rosie has faced a lot of health problems in real life



Her body is covered with huge, painful lumps, her mouth has up to 30 sores at a time – making it almost impossible for her to eat. Slowly her vision and memory began to fade.

She was supported by then-husband Scott, whom she married in 2004 after meeting on the set of the TV series The Vice, but they divorced in 2011.

Rosie recalls: “It was absolutely terrifying. “No one can tell me what happened. I believe I am dying a slow and terrible death.

“My poor husband, Scott, had to do everything, wash me, carry me upstairs, a job made even more difficult because I couldn’t stand him touching me.

“When anything touched my skin, I would scream in pain. It was an unbearably difficult period for both of us.”

Then, Rosie received more distressing news in 2008 when a smear test revealed she had cervical cancer, which had spread to her pelvis.

Thankfully, her consultant was able to actively kill the cancer cells with laser treatment without surgery or chemotherapy.

Incredibly, she filmed her scenes for Holby around her hospital appointments without a break at all.

Rosie with her husband Ben


Nice pictures)

The actress is at home in her beautiful kitchen



Rosie found love again when she married gym owner Ben Stacey in 2013 in Las Vegas.

The following year, the actress discovered she was pregnant just two days before starting IVF treatment after a miscarriage nine months earlier.

Tragically, Rosie had to go through the pain of a miscarriage at the same time her character was giving birth on screen in the hospital drama.

“God, it was the worst moment because while my character was giving birth, I knew I was pregnant and had the feeling that it was going wrong,” she said.

“I definitely blamed myself because you think about all the things you’ve done wrong. As a woman, you feel like you’ve failed. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole, as have everyone else. I feel I’m extremely sorry for myself and it’s hard to bring disaster on myself.”

In January 2015, the couple welcomed their daughter Beau through a caesarian due to Rosie’s bleeding disorder.

The Holby City star shared about the mental health difficulties she went through after becoming a mother.

Rosie becomes a mom while filming a baby story



“Like many first-time moms, I was overwhelmed. Six months after giving birth by cesarean section, I went back to work for long and unwell days,” she told The Mirror in 2019. .

“The scripts came very late and none of what I was reading made sense. One day I lost it and yelled at everyone that they were stopping me from seeing my kids and having a life.

“A director kicked me off the set, I called my doctor and I was signed off immediately.”

Rosie was diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depersonalization disorder – where you don’t feel like you’re in your own body and don’t recognize yourself.

She continued: “I remember coming home, putting on my pajamas and looking down at myself as if I was somewhere else in the room.

“In that moment, I decided everyone would be better off without me. I walked out of the house, without my phone or anything, with no intention of coming back.

“I went to my friend’s house and didn’t know how to get there. It was pretty scary.”

Rosie began seeing a therapist regularly and had a say in the script when her character was having trouble in Holby.

Holby fans are praying that Jac survives



Last week, Rosie admitted it was a hit in the teeth that caused Holby City to be canceled despite beating its sister shows.

With the final episode airing next week, Rosie talked to Soap insideopened up about how she reacted to the show’s cancellation:

“Honestly, the whole thing was really upsetting. I thought the script was fantastic and I have no doubt in my mind that the audience will find the last two episodes very dramatic and relevant,” she said. Soap inside.

“However, I can’t lie and say I’m not angry about Holby ending with no warning, no regrets or a fighting chance.

“For this to happen at a time when we’re doing better than our sister shows and EastEnders, it felt like a huge blow to all of us, and it still happens. “

Will Jac survive the final episode of Holby? Stay tuned tonight on BBC One at 7.50pm to find out.

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