Horizon Forbidden West: 26 amazing little details

Horizon Forbidden West is an experience that involves epic machines, warring tribes, and tons of lore to uncover. It’s also an incredible technical achievement, with the attention to detail in the gameplay, characters, and visuals leaving us shaking our heads in awe.

There’s a lot to choose from, but here are 26 of our favorite great little details in Horizon Forbidden West. (Some revelations ahead if you haven’t played the following seasons of Horizon Forbidden West!)

Horizon Forbidden West: The Biggest Changes From Horizon Zero Dawn

11. When you attract the attention of a machine but then throw a rock to distract it, it will continue to track where it thinks you are as it moves to where you threw the rock. kicking, like “you watch your butt”.

12. You can use the Pullcaster to get items off ledges that you can’t reach… or if you don’t want to walk there.

13. DualSense mirrors the movement of machines. A larger robot will make a louder rumble and machine attacks that make Aloy wobble will be felt in the controller.

14. Speaking of DualSense, it will use sensors and speakers to mimic the elements of your weapon, like the jolt of electricity from a jostled Tripcaster.

15. Side quests also make real sense this time around. You can get in and out of Chainscrape if you want, or you can trace all its chains and make real change, removing its leader and inserting a cool, new town head than.

16. Around this time, conversations become more interesting on a large scale. Characters often interact with the world around them more, gesture more, and often talk more like real people.

17. Come to think of it, Guerrilla also found a trick to always make sure that no matter what choice you make in conversation, it’s always ready for another question. Aloy and another character may be sitting in their default position, but will move around, stand up, signal nearby items, and more if you dig through the options for the game. phone. But at the end of the activity, they will slowly go back to their default rest animation so it’s a smooth transition to whatever happens next.

18. Machine Strike, a game within a game of Forbidden West, tweaks the main gameplay mechanics in really cute ways – parts of the game have both shielded and weak points.

19. Lighting can make a big difference in rendering details in Horizon Forbidden West’s outfit; Depending on the angle, the light will highlight different textures on the outfit.

All paints – Horizon Forbidden West

20. Aloy’s outfit will also get dirty/snow/sand depending on where you skate.

21. If you wander out of range in the chat to get an item and the chat ends abruptly, the conversation will continue naturally when you move back within range of the NPC you’re currently in. conversation.

22. If you are trying to get away from a machine by balancing on a pole out of its reach, it will completely notice you and try to lower the pole. Grappling points can be destroyed by machines with their ranged attacks.

23. Sometimes, you’ll run into tribes that use machines of all sizes, and sometimes they’ll stick their spears at them just enough for you to rush in, get the job done, and steal the loot.

24. You can Shieldwing into certain areas of the environment to lift you up, like a dust tornado in the desert.

25. You can also drop from Shieldwing onto your mount and yes, it will rip like it sounds.

26. And finally, if you switch to photo mode, you can use the Snow Angel pose in the sand or snow to really make a snow angel!

Those are our favorite little details – what do you notice? Shout out in the comments. For everything else Horizon Forbidden West, check out our review, the biggest changes from Zero Dawn and how long it takes to beat.

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