House Democrats mock Marjorie Taylor Greene after her incredibly tongue-in-cheek plea


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) got a firsthand look at what her fellow Democrats think of her on Wednesday — and it doesn’t seem like much.

The Georgia representative was speaking during a session of the House of Representatives as she made a simple request to her fellow congressmen.

“Members are being reminded to abide by House etiquette,” she said, prompting laughter.

The giggles were so extreme that Greene was forced to bang the hammer repeatedly to no avail.

Yes, we know: pictures or it didn’t happen.

Decency isn’t exactly a word associated with Greene during her time in Congress, which some Democrats noted on Twitter.

Rep. Jimmy Gomez (Democrat of California) likened Greene’s call for decency to “Leonardo DiCaprio telling people to date people their age,” while Rep. Adam Schiff (Democrat of California) tweeted that he “didn’t laughed so hard.” in a while.”

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