House of dragons shed Targaryen blood at Velaryon’s funeral in ‘Driftmark’

WINNER: Laenor Velaryon – “The wise sailor flees the storm when it gathers.” What is this? A quirky character in Westeros doesn’t meet a macabre ending?! Laenor Velaryon is a true rarity and he must have known that as he walked away from the court and all its conflicts. I hope we never see him again – that way we can always assume he had a happy ending.

WINNER: Rhaenyra Targaryen – Here are some of the shaking points: The truth about her son’s origins has now been told out loud, and the danger it puts them in has never been clearer – but for now, at least, the king is at home. in her corner. He may be a frail old man, Viserys still wears the crown in this realm and as long as he lives to protect her, Rhaenyra enjoys a certain sense of protection. As for what happened after his death, she was on her side in this battle. She has Daemon, (probably) House Velaryon, and many dragons in her corner. She has the promise of many lords who have sworn allegiance to her and most importantly, she has fire back in her eyes. Her will to take the throne and protect her children makes her a force to be reckoned with.

LOSER: Alicent Hightower – Who would Alicent Hightower be without her trusty cloak of righteousness? Even by his own account, Alicent lost the game of thrones this week. She lost her temper and for a moment she was so engulfed in rage and grief that she seemed to lose her sanity. But losing Viserys’ favor isn’t the end of the world, especially when you consider what she’s achieved. Alicent proved herself capable of fighting in front of her father, Larrys Strong, and anyone else hoping to challenge Rhaenyra’s claim. Like the green dress, the Queen has sent out a signal of war – a signal of how far she is willing to go.

WINNER: Daemon Targaryen – It may have been more than a decade and an uphill battle ahead, but Daemon has finally got what he’s always wanted: a Targaryen wife, with whom he can rule Westeros and build rebuild the Targaryen dynasty. That will help him get the fire back.

LOSER: House of Velaryon – Sorry. Not only are Laena and Laenor dead (as far as they know) but another major pillar of Velaryon’s power is disintegrating before our eyes: Rhaenys and Corlys, once a power couple, are at odds with each other. . Corlys is still so consumed by his obsession with his legacy that it has cost his house everything. Rhaenys now saw him as the cause of her suffering, and she was right. Is this something their relationship can recover from? Including Westeros invention couple therapy? House of dragons shed Targaryen blood at Velaryon’s funeral in ‘Driftmark’

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