How a Broadway Producer Spends His Sundays

Ron Simons, one of the few Black Broadway producers in New York, has won a Tony Award for “The Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder,” “Porgy & Bess,” “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike” and “Jitney.” Not to be outdone by the pandemic, he recently produced “Thoughts of a Colored Man,” which closed last month, and his next show, “For Colored Girls,” is slated to kick off. airing this spring.

Mr Simons said: “Recent events have allowed us to be on full display, alluding to the killing of George Floyd in May 2020 and the unrest and conversations about race that followed. there. “If done correctly, through storytelling, shows like ‘Thinking of Colored People’ and others will help dispel ignorance and hatred.”

Although Broadway attendance not working and the cast and crew are struggling to avoid the Omicron variant, Mr. Simons remains optimistic. “People forget how long Broadway has been around,” he said. “Broadway is an organization that is not going away. It is still going strong and is becoming more inclusive.”

Mr. Simons, 61, lives with his partner, Jbya Clarke, 53, a personal trainer and wellness professional, on West 54th Street.

HOURS AFTER Depending on what time I went to bed the night before, Alexa wakes me up with an obnoxious beeping sound around 10 or 11 a.m. When I raise money for a show, like I’m on “For Colored Girls” , I tend to work late Saturday nights. I picked up the phone to see if the shows had any fires and if they needed to be put out.

PURGE Jbya got up and made coffee. Right now we are drinking two coffees from Café Britt, one is Hawaiian and the other is Costa Rica. I would drink it in any cup available with ice cream and stevia. This is followed by a green juice made of spinach, pineapple, mango, collagen and MCT oil. It is very clean. I have an addiction to fast, cheap, quick and easy food. This helps with the detoxification process. Every year, I do an 11-day purge in mid-January. All I have is a green drink with protein powder. I want to start the new year with a healthy attitude. Purification makes me feel lighter and clears my mind.

SPIRIT STAR I am a member of Stone church in Houston. My cousin is married to a pastor. She lectures and oversees activities, so I watch the morning service on my computer. I find her inspirational. I am always looking for inspiration and beauty. That’s how I fight the news that’s spreading across the country. I can also meditate.

PCS By noon, we were thinking about places to have brunch. Our favorite is Cookshop. I always say I won’t get a cinnamon roll, it’s hot and delicious, so I order toast. I finally got the cinnamon roll. And fries. They are my sworn enemies. We have a friend or two joining us. When we make brunch at home or make a snack, it’s a good way to reconnect with some important people in our lives.

MATINEE I’m a Tony voter, so I have to watch all the new shows. If we don’t have brunch, we go to the theater. Because I’m so tired during the week, I tend to be sleepy at night, so Sunday makes me a more awake spectator.

LUNCH WITH LIGHT After the theater, Jbya and I walked around Hell’s Kitchen. I’m on a mission to dine at all Hell’s Kitchen restaurants. Eating out is a different energy than eating in front of the TV. I looked at the menu, what they were serving and how they were ranked. If there’s some food that appeals to me, I’ll consider participating. And it should be clean with nice lighting. I am a person of the theater. I always tell people about the mood light brings. Then we walked home because I’ve gained 20 pounds since Covid.

POT OF THINGS From 5 to 7 pm, Jbya and I parted ways. He goes into his man’s cave, which is our media room, closes the door, turns off the lights, and paints shades. Then he watches something about the royal family, RuPaul or the Kardashians. I talked to myself when I opened the mail, which I had piled up for a month, so much so that my box was so full that it had to be given to our doorman to keep. Mail generates action items – like replying to invitations, paying bills or cashing checks, all of which I don’t enjoy doing. Or I try to organize my office, which often looks like a storm has hit it. Everything ends up on my desk. Even though I created tons of to-dos, it still looks like a mess. I am a borderline hoarder. I love tchotchkes.

TRAYS, NALK By day 7, we decide where to order from, Seamless or Uber Eats. We can do Chinese food or Burger King. Jbya is a vegetarian and loves their Impossible Fool; I usually order a Whopper, fries and Diet Coke if I’m not at home. I ended up buying the TV tray, which made me feel nostalgic, which we brought into the media room. This is the best time for us to be together. Weeknights are hard. We both had very different days. He was ready to talk and I talked about it all day. I’m still trying to adjust that so Sunday is the time that really comes together for us.

ACTION PACK We just finished”Stories about the city. “We like horror and sci-fi movies, that’s what we look for. I’m finishing casting for “For Colored Girls” and still in the fundraising stage, so all week I’ve been dialing in for dollars. On nights like these, I want something thrilling to overwhelm me like “The Bourne Identity” series that we can watch over and over again, “The Matrix” or “The Lord of the Rings.” .

PLAYER GAME By 1 or 2 a.m., we’re back in the bedroom. I called Alexa and she glowed. I ask for a reminder of something or I will set an alarm. Then I told her to play thunder noise. That’s our version of white noise. Jbya fell asleep first. If I can’t, I play the game for 45 minutes on my phone. I take Western game very serious. It’s a fighting game where you build your town and fight against other players, and Toy explosion, is a pattern matching puzzle game. My eyelids became heavy and I fell asleep.

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