How a parking error can prevent you from getting a mortgage or phone contract

BREAKING parking rules are not uncommon and most drivers know the frustration of receiving an expensive brown envelope in the mail.

But what most drivers don’t know is that penalty charge notices (PCNs) have serious consequences if they don’t pay or ignore them.

Drivers who receive PCNs for driving convictions need to take them seriously to protect their credit score


Drivers who receive PCNs for driving convictions need to take them seriously to protect their credit scoreCredit: Getty

Parking violations such as using a bus lane, parking on double yellow lines, or using a parking lot without a ticket can all result in a PCN fine, PCN is usually imposed by a government official grant.

You can see a Full list of all kinds of unauthorized here to be sure to avoid them.

Ignore PCN

If you’re not too keen on car replacements, getting PCN isn’t that hard – and the cost can be a pain in the ass.

On average, the price of a PCN ranges from £60 to £130. But a recent Converting to road fines means London motorists could have to pay £160.

This is a huge amount for most households, especially during a testing period facing thousands of people with a cost-of-living crisis and inflation.

Understandably, cash doesn’t last as long as it used to, and it’s easy to ignore your PCN in the hopes that it will go away — but don’t.

Ignoring a PCN for 28 days after the PCN is issued to you will result in a billed certificate.

The charge certificate is the second request to pay the PCN, but this time the price increases by 50% because you take no action.

Ignoring these extra requests from officials can snowball and eventually land you in a county court judgment (CCJ) – that’s where the real trouble begins.

What is CCJ?

A CCJ is a legal decision made by a court that requires you to pay an amount believed to be owed.

These are mailed and should be responded to within 14 days to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Consequences of CCJ on credit

If you are served CCJ, the CCJ will go into your credit report as well as a public database called the Registry of Judgments, Orders and Fines.

And while it’s not there for good, it’s been there for a while – six years to be exact.

It’s hard for first-time buyers to climb the real estate ladder as it is, let alone haunted by an unclean credit history.

For those who want to hire, the CCJ can block the right to do so entirely.

The Sun has reached out to an Experian spokesperson to find out exactly how CCJ affects your credit score.

James Jones, Experian’s head of public education, said: “A CCJ will likely continue to have a significant impact on your score until it drops (after six years) but the impact can be reduced. gradually as it ages.

“In terms of fixing your score after the recent CCJ, it is certainly helpful to maintain all other payments to lenders and service providers, as will any other loan payments. .

“You can pass a credit score test and still be denied credit for something like CCJ. Helpfully, lenders often advertise these policy rules in advance to help customers decide whether to apply in the first place.”

Having a damaged credit score can even affect your ability to get a cell phone contract, leaving you with no choice but to use an old phone or just pay with a sim card. – not ideal.

Will I get CCJ even if PCN is only a small fee?

If you have a PCN for any illegal parking and you don’t pay, no matter how small the fee, you can still get a CCJ.

Can I make a complaint to the CCJ?

If you disagree with the CCJ and believe you should not pay, you can try to set it aside, which means it will be cancelled.

To do so, you will need to fill out The N244 application that you can find on the government website and send it to the court.

Even so, the government warns you could expect to pay a court fee of £275 doing this.

If successful, the CCJ will no longer affect your credit as it has been removed from the record.

“If the CCJ is paid before the trial or within a month after that you can apply to the court for an annulment, which will again remove the CCJ from the public record and result in the filing,” James said. records of the credit reference agencies themselves (CRAs). ”

Maybe you disagree with the parking fine in the first place – there is a Little known rule means motorists can claim parking tickets.

And if the current price of parking fines is not enough to make Some companies have called for the maximum fee to be increased to £120.

It is necessary to double check that your driving license details are up to date, because you could be fined £1000 for not updating the DVLA, plus you could be fined higher if your PCN was sent to an old address.

Traffic cop in the moment of being caught on the double yellow line as the angry driver accuses her of running away How a parking error can prevent you from getting a mortgage or phone contract

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