How a startup helped fight a pandemic

December 2020 brought significant changes, especially as COVID-19 began to spread across the United States. Americans faced lockdowns and millions contracted the deadly virus. As the virus continued to spread, the promise of a vaccine left many hopeful and desperate for protection. When the COVID-19 vaccines hit the market in 2021, regulation and regulation met a tumultuous rollout. Many constraints have been imposed on vaccine development that severely limited initial access. Government officials offered the starting doses to the vulnerable and immunocompromised populations to prioritize those at highest risk of complications. Many eligible Americans have been lagging behind, struggling to find available dates and facing long lines and vaccine shortages.

Although complicated, these initial difficulties were compounded by the short shelf life of cold storage vaccines and complex filing requirements.

Difficulty booking an appointment online

The initial rollout of the vaccine was tailored to at-risk groups and the elderly, leading to a spate of appointments. With people desperate for some protection from the COVID-19 virus, many resorted to waiting in lines for hours and logging into computers all night hoping to get an elusive appointment. Most of the older population had difficulties navigating the redesigned online portals, requiring support from younger family members.

Harmful vaccine shortages

All situations continued to deteriorate as clinics incorporated the vaccine’s strict storage and use requirements into rollout plans. Anyone attempting to book a vaccine took up multiple appointment slots, resulting in double bookings and missed appointments with different providers. Recent studies estimate that nearly 30% of all COVID-19 vaccine appointments have been canceled or missed appointments. Unfortunately, these windows of opportunity resulted in wasted vaccines, a heartbreaking consideration for anyone trying to secure vaccination.

Vaccine Waste Problems

Anyone administering the Covid vaccine had to meet strict requirements to maintain the drug’s stability. The refrigerated vaccine required special temperature regulations for shipment and adequate time for thawing prior to dilution. All thawed vaccines had to be used within specific time frames. The clinic would determine vaccine amounts based on scheduled dates and prepare doses in advance. All schedules helped ensure everyone had a vaccine for the position they previously booked online.

before dr B, clinics resorted to giving excess vaccines to people nearby. The extra doses included all the no-show dates, last-minute cancellations, and other miscalculations. Anyone who was previously registered with a facility and failed to show up for the appointment contributed to the daily deductible.

How the platform helped fight COVID-19

The site’s founder, Cyrus Massoumi, understood the significant gaps in vaccine delivery, mainly in terms of vaccine waste and expiration time. He understood the difficulties clinics faced with vaccine shortages, but continued to notice a vaccine surplus in all clinics. Massoumi identified a crucial opening in the healthcare industry; the desire to streamline the vaccination process and connect eligible patients to surplus vaccines.

The platform of Dr. B was easy; interested people would register through the website if they want the COVID-19 vaccine. Registered providers could report additional doses directly through the platform with the number of quantities and the expiry time. An automated text notification was sent when a facility had additional doses within the same geographic location as a patient.

What made COVID-19 dangerous?

The virus that causes COVID-19 wasn’t the deadliest, but it was more complicated than seasonal flu. The researchers also didn’t have enough accurate information to determine the likelihood of death from the viral infection, especially when many cases went unreported. As COVID-19 progressed rapidly, the lack of immunity raised critical concerns among health experts. The virus spreads via the upper respiratory tract, with infection spreading through sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and wheezing. Occasionally, the virus is spread by speaking loudly. Unfortunately, many people spread the virus days before experiencing any symptoms (with some remaining asymptomatic).

Many experts noted that mortality increased with age, with the death toll being highest in people over 70. Obesity and other chronic diseases also played an important role in serious infections. Finally, scientists have shown that men are more likely to die from COVID-19 than women.

Check out the plan of the site in action

The introduction of Dr. B was intentional as Massoumi first reached out to underserved communities in front of the public. The founder wanted to provide an equal opportunity for vaccination, hypothetically connecting more vulnerable populations to a vaccine during a significant shortage. As the site’s popularity grew, more than 2.5 million users registered online during the year.

Vendors quickly recognized the unique opportunity and nearly 750 different locations jumped on board. The website uses complex, automated algorithms to notify authorized persons. The vaccines often required immediate administration due to the schedule.

Work through the notification process

Anyone who consults Dr. B wants to register can fill out the application online. Registrations include name, address, phone number and current medical information. After registration, the platform’s algorithm automatically prioritizes patients based on risk factors, position within the appropriate risk group and current country legislation. Massoumi’s website prioritized people with pre-existing medical conditions or old age.

When a vaccine became available in a patient’s geographic area, the website would send an automated text message to the applicant. Upon receipt, the person can confirm or decline the appointment time. The algorithm placed anyone who declined the vaccine at the end of their priority range.

dr B successfully fought COVID-19

The campaign has been largely successful in connecting eligible individuals with excess vaccination. As vaccine availability improved, Massoumi completed the registration process. Towards the end of the campaign, Dr. B over a million notifications across the platform. As the vaccine shortage continued, Dr. B unvaccinated Americans associated with excess doses. Given the uncertainty, Dr. B technology to improve the lives of many. How a startup helped fight a pandemic

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