How Charlotte Church gave up music and became a party animal, a parent sever

Charlotte Church opened up on Kate Garraway’s Life Story about how she turned to partying and moved out of her family home at 16 after believing she had “nothing”

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The Masked Singer: Mushroom revealed to be Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church opened up about how she rebelled in her wild teenage years.

The ‘Voice of an Angel’ child star rose to fame when she was 11 years old and struggled with being in the spotlight growing up as a teenager.

Opening in Kate Garraway’s Life Story, airing tonight, the masked singer’s Mushroom reflects on his decision to move out at 16 and become a party beast.

Mary has been by Charlotte’s side every step of the way as her career has taken her around the world.

After nearly four years of prominence as a classical music star, Charlotte’s outlook began to change as she grew older.

Charlotte opens on Life’s Story

Maria said: “At first, it was all fun and wonderful, but when she got older and was a teenager, she just thought she was gross.”

After feeling that she had become “public property” under the scrutiny of the public, and “lewd” at the age of 15, Charlotte began to rebel.

Her aunt Caroline added: “She didn’t have the teen space that all teenagers have, she wanted some sort of normality.”

Charlotte, now 35, has quit her music job and her relationship with her mother has been strained, with the star having left the family home at the age of 16.

Maria describes the situation as a “pressure cooker” and Charlotte wants to “explode” after years of being watched over her every move.

Charlotte is the Mushroom on The Masked Singer



In 2002, Charlotte got into a conflict with her parents after they caught her smoking and she told them she had run away from home.

She moved out at the age of 16 and cut off all contact with her parents for a few months.

“I was very, very hurt,” her mother said. “I’ve been trying to sweet talk her and she just doesn’t want to know.”

Now that she’s living on her own, Charlotte has begun to live a loose life and transform into a party animal, leaving her mother feeling “out of place and isolated”.

“I just sat on the floor and literally cried,” she said as she spoke next to James.

“And I had a nervous breakdown. For months I couldn’t get out of bed. I was like a cocoon, a little shell, you know I was devastated.”

Charlotte and Mother Maria



When the camera returned to the set, Charlotte looked at her mother as she sat wiping her tears with a tissue.

Kate asked Charlotte: “I mean you’re obviously over it now, but do you think you’re aware of how your behavior is affecting your mom and dad?”

Charlotte said: “Look, as far as I think, I need to be free. I’ve had to be on a particular path for a long time and you know all the normal ways that we grow as well. puberty happens and the way girls become women stuffy and such and I feel like I have to be this other forever young, innocent little girl, and that’s not the place, biologically study, life is literally catching me.

“I just had to cut ties. I was at an age where I thought I knew everything – I know everything, I know better, I know what I’m doing, but they’re just trying to protect me.

“But I only see it when they hug me so tight and so I just do what I feel I need to do at the time.”

She moved out at the age of 16



She added: “Only with hindsight did I know how much that meant for my mother. It felt like they had completely lost me and this whole life we ​​built together. building, this thing that we’ve been doing together for the past four years, it all disappeared in a split second, in an instant.

“So now I completely understand what they went through and how difficult it was for them. But for me, I’m 16 years old and the world is my oyster and I’m also having a lot of fun. fun.”

Charlotte reflected when Kate asked her if she felt guilty about what happened.

“I don’t feel guilty because I don’t believe guilt is really a worthwhile emotion,” the star said.

She became famous at the age of 11

“I feel guilty, especially towards my mother, knowing what it costs her.”

When asked what her messages to her mother were, she looked over at her and said: “I’m so proud of her, I think she’s the best. fire and like a phoenix, she rose from the fire. ”

And when asked what she wanted to say to Charlotte, Maria said: “I love you, I love her, I’m so proud of her. We’ve been through a lot and I think as a family family, we’re amazing. I love her little by little. I love her billions and billions.”

* Kate Garraway’s Life Story features Charlotte Cathedral airing tonight at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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