How Do I Create A Route Between Two Locations On Android?

Google Maps and other similar applications that can be found and installed on an android device include techniques for generating a path between two points. It would help if you considered several characteristics to meet the satisfaction of many users in planning their routes, such as nearest distance, fastest distance, alternate routes, and so on. Such apps are enticing, yet the creator understands the difficulty in creating such stunning applications.

One certainly has countless app options for generating and creating a route or path between two distinct locations on Android. In the platform we have today, several trusted and guaranteed apps will help you, such as Route4Me route planner, Google Maps, and others. 

Envisioning a route

Before anything else, it is essential to pick and choose an app or platform you desire to make a route out of or pick something you find comfortable and easy to use. In this case, we will use the Route4Me route planner as our guide and medium in planning routes.

Route4Me is just as simple to utilize as Google Maps. Inputting addresses into the Route4Me multi-stop route planner is significantly easier than inputting your destinations into Google Maps. A professional logistics, delivery, and field service route planner will assist you in improving operational efficiency and servicing more destinations in a much less period with fewer vehicles and drivers.

The following are steps that one can use in planning a multi-stop route using the app:

  • Choose an address import method. The Route4Me multi-stop route planner allows you to import addresses using various techniques, unlike Google Maps. You can plan multi-stop routes with inputted addresses by duplicating or importing data from scanned documents, spreadsheets, Google drive or cloud storage, online file-sharing tools, and online accounting software.
  • Configure the Optimization Parameters. After entering your drop-off sites into the route planner, you must establish optimization limits based on your business requirements. Route4Me’s multi-stop route planner enables you to build routes with limited income per route, cargo weight, cubic volume per route, amount of shipments per route, route duration, and much more.
  • Fill out the route planner with your addresses. Pick the locations you would like to route next. The amount of stops you may include in a route is not limited to the Route4Me route planner. You can create routes with an unlimited number of delivery destinations and drop-off locations. You can direct the destinations you entered in step one or use a map to pick different sites.
  • View locations on a map and maximize your route. As soon as you enter your addresses, you will see a graphical depiction of the routing stops on the map. All that remains is to refine your route and find the best time-effective and cost-effective approach to service all of your stops.
  • Route4Me routes are sent to Route Planner Apps. After you’ve planned and optimized your multi-stop route, you can transmit it directly to your drivers’ phones using the Route4Me route planner. 

Your drivers can free download the Route4Me iOS or Android route planning applications and use the in-app voice GPS navigation to navigate the scheduled routes. Service agents and drivers can use the mobile route planner to record sites as attended and departed, gather evidence of delivery, and more.

  • Use the in-app Gps tracking to navigate the route. When your couriers or field sales representatives acquire their allocated routes, they can use the in-app GPS navigation to traverse them. When utilizing the Route4Me route planner app navigation, the destinations are ordered in real-time based on traffic and other factors at the time the navigation begins.

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