How do I start my car when I have a dead battery?

Getting a dead car battery is one of the worst things that can happen on the road.

It is important for every driver to know how start dancing their car to get it moving again – and how to do it safely.

Starting your car is easier than you think


Starting your car is easier than you think

Severe winter conditions make it more likely that you will have trouble riding in the morning.

And waiting for roadside assistance may not fit your busy schedule.

Here’s what to do if you’ve determined your problem is a bottle battery.

First, bring a new set of jumper leads in your boot.

Then here’s what to do to get your battery working again.

How do I start my car?

Before you start, you’ll need help from another driver, whose battery is already fully charged.

Avoid linking to electric or hybrid cars – and make sure the batteries or wires are not damaged.

First, check all electrical systems in your vehicle for dead batteries.

Park both cars in a neutral position next to each other, but not touching, and the parking brake is on.

Turn off both vehicles, remove the ignition key and open both bonnets.

Take the red jumper wire and attach one end to the anode on the flat battery. This is usually the one with the + icon and the red cover.

Attach the other end of the red lead to the positive + on the other vehicle’s good battery.

Take a black lead and attach one end to the negative terminal of a good battery.

Attach the other end of the black lead to the grounding point on the other vehicle.

Usually the unpainted metal part of the engine is best.

Start the car’s engine with a good battery and let it run for about a minute.

Try to start the engine in the car when the battery is dead, leaving both cars idling for a few minutes if it starts.

If a car has a faulty battery that won’t start after a few tries, there may be a more serious problem that requires professional assistance.

How to remove jumper leads?

It is important that you remove the wiring harness properly after restarting the faulty battery for your safety and to avoid damage to either vehicle.

Once the battery is recharged, turn off both engines and remove the key from the ignition.

The leads should be eliminated in the reverse order of how they were connected.

Remove the black lead from the grounding point on your vehicle first before removing it from another vehicle.

Then, take the red lead from another car before finally removing it from your car.

Make sure that no leads are touched when you dismiss them.

Is jump-start dangerous?

As long as you follow the correct procedure, starting your car is relatively safe.

But there are still some safety concerns to be aware of.

You should never attempt to start a damaged or leaking battery, or use damaged wiring.

If the jumper leads start to get hot, turn off both motors and let them cool down.

Always remove any metal jewelry and make sure no metal touches the battery terminals.

Take off loose clothing such as a scarf or tie to prevent them from getting caught in the moving parts of the engine.

And never try to unplug the wiring while the engine is running – this can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s electronics.

Pay attention to those steps and you’ll be well on your way.

Other important winter driving tips include bring five essential household items in your car at all times.

Make sure you always obey the law when wear driving gloves.

And remember to check your windshield wipers are good before you set off – or heavy penalty can wait.

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