How famous pop duo Right Said Fred became the UK’s most sinister band

THEY were once known as a popular ’90s pop duo, but Right Said Fred has recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Cheesy singers who describe themselves on messaging apps Telegram are “two musicians whose views don’t match the mainstream news media narrative” – ​​the fan stunned fans over the weekend by sharing a video of the theorists. anti-Semitism and anti-Nazi plots.

Right Said Fred rose to fame as the cheesy'90s duo that sang I'm Too Sexy


Right Said Fred rose to fame as the cheesy ’90s duo that sang I’m Too SexyCredit: Redferns
But recently they have made some controversial views on the pandemic


But recently they have made some controversial views on the pandemicCredit: PA

I’m Too Sexy stars Fred and Richard Fairbrass promoted a live stream featuring the leader of the Patriotic Alternative – described as the UK’s biggest fascist threat – on application.

Listeners were greeted with a two-hour discussion led by PA leader Mark Collett – a neo-Nazi and Holocaust who praised Hitler – speaking with blogger Jason Köhne, using uses the name No White Guilt and David Duke, a former grand sorcerer of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

While a spokesman said it was done by mistake and has since been deleted, this is not the first time the Fairbrass brothers have shared their controversial views.

Shared neo-Nazi podcast with fans

The Right Said podcast Fred shared was a two-hour discussion with three famous neo-Nazis.

In the episode, Duke calls the jab “the deadliest mass vaccine ever in human history”.

But that’s not the most dangerous thing about podcasts.

The vile racist also offered a baseless theory that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell were part of a “large Jewish group” with a “realist” agenda. object”.

And he claims he’s “proud” to be named “the most hated anti-Semitist in the world”.

The brothers have since deleted the post, and a spokesperson told The Sun: “A video was shared on Telegram where they didn’t actually see the content, once they realized its content, they delete it.

“Fred’s wife is African, the sons are also of Jewish descent, so to suggest that they hold racist or even anti-Semitic views would be slanderous.”

Fred is right shared a podcast from neo-Nazi Mark Collett


Fred is right shared a podcast from neo-Nazi Mark Collett
Former Ku Klux Klan member, Dr. David Duke, is also on the podcast about nonsense against social ills


Former Ku Klux Klan member, Dr. David Duke, is also on the podcast about nonsense against social illsCredit: AP: Associated Press

‘Experimental’ vaccine rejected

Since the pandemic began, Right Said Fred – made up of twins Richard and Fred, 68 – has been vocal about their anti-vax and anti-lockdown views.

In February 2021, the head of Richard confessed that he had refuse vaccines due to his fear it is not “kosher”.

Five months later, the male singer contracted Covid-19 and was hospitalized for 4 nights, in need of oxygen tanks because of difficulty breathing – but he still insisted that he had no intention of stabbing his head.

Talking to Online email Last August, he said: “I had a bit of Covid, it wasn’t too bad. I was a little short of breath, I felt very tired.

“But in full credit to the NHS, they are non-judgmental and very open to how you want to be treated – and my treatment was just to keep my oxygen levels up for a week.”

He added: “This vaccine was only used in the trial, it is tested until 2023, there is no long-term data on it – whoever took it is stupid. Come 2023 and everything will be fine, I will do it then. I absolutely won’t have one now. “

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has been given an “estimated study completion date” of May 2023, but this is standard practice for continued safety monitoring after the injection is approved for use.

However, their spokesperson has now confirmed that they have been vaccinated to be able to travel.

They told us: “It’s true that Fred is not an anti-disease, they have had all the necessary vaccinations for travel and other reasons, what they believe is anti-coercion and support. freedom of conscience.”

Anti-lock and anti-mask

Despite insisting they are not Covid deniers, Right Said Fred took part in an anti-lockdown protest in Trafalgar Square last September.

They also confessed that they were anti-mask on Twitter.

They sarcastically tweeted: “I want to thank everyone who is still wearing masks.

“It saves me a lot of time. Your mask tells me that I don’t need to talk to you, know you, work with you, or try to understand your confusing things.

“You are asking too much. Thank you very much.”

The account then retweeted dozens of anti-mask statements and links, known as “Covid cults,” before being shunned by social media followers for their views.

They later tweeted: “Lots of people tweeting angry today. You have been conforming for 16 months, following meaningless rules made by an unscrupulous and corrupt government. You should be angry with yourself. “

Richard also told MailOnline that Right Said Fred will not be broadcasting any live shows while the audience is segregated.

He added: “Music is a community, it brings people together. Any artist who doesn’t get there has no business on the stage. “

Won’t stop listening to the music of perverts

Fred was right that they would continue to listen to pedophile Gary Glitter's music


Fred was right that they would continue to listen to pedophile Gary Glitter’s musicCredit: Getty Images – Getty
They also want to continue enjoying Ian Watkins' music despite his horrific sexual assaults on children.


They also want to continue enjoying Ian Watkins’ music despite his horrific sexual assaults on children.Credit: Wales News Service

On top of that, Right Said Fred caused controversy when he “refused” to stop talking and listening to the songs of convicted pedophile Gary Glitter and Ian Watkins from Lostprophets.

In 2015, Glitter was found guilty of conspiracy to rape, four counts of indecent assault and one count of having sex with a girl under the age of 13 between 1975-1980 and sentenced to a total of 16 years in prison. .

Meanwhile, Watkins was sentenced to 29 years in prison in 2013, for multiple sex crimes, including sexual assault of children and infants.

But Right Said Fred insists that their “fancy” should be set aside so their songs can still be enjoyed, adding Glitter’s recordings of Glitter won’t be “penalized for weirdness” his”.

Speaking on the Off The Beat And Track podcast, the duo said songs shouldn’t be tied to a singer’s “racism or sexual issues”.

Fred said: “We love the sexy stuff, with Sweet, the original David Bowie and Gary Glitter.

“I know you can’t really talk about Gary Glitter right now but we’re not saying no because, putting his inclinations aside, some good people made that kind of music.

“They shouldn’t be penalized and songs shouldn’t be penalized for his mental problems and quirks.

“I’ve been arguing about this online, with people saying ‘people should never play Gary Glitter’ and well, what about the poor people (musicians who have worked with Glitter).”

“Why should they suffer for making the mistake of associating with someone who is having some serious nasty problems?”

Fred continued: “Like Ian Watkins and Lostprophets, who were in the band, they shouldn’t suffer just because of his problems.

“It’s a very difficult name but I’m quite passionate about the music, I think the song has its own element, it has a life of its own and shouldn’t be associated with other people’s racism or problems. sex-related.”

Richard added: “Fred is right, you have to separate the art itself from its maker.”

Separately, Richard told the podcast that he believes the UK’s music industry is no longer at risk, and said “that’s why we’re stuck with professional singers like Adele, who look like a news reader.”

Their spokesperson added to us: “Right Said Fred believes that other content creators should not be penalized for the heinous acts of Gary Glitter or Ian Watkins.

The movie ‘The Joker’ used Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll part 2, which Right Said Fred believes makes clear that they are not alone in believing that innocent people should not suffer because of their actions. others.

“Music and Art transcends everything.”

Right Said Fred returns to music with single Good Times Everybody

https://www.thesun.ie/tvandshowbiz/music/8220396/right-said-fred-anti-vax-neo-nazis/ How famous pop duo Right Said Fred became the UK’s most sinister band

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