How much does it cost to run a PS5?

WITH the cost of living crisis, people are staying at home more and looking for ways to entertain themselves.

Ahead of the holiday season, more of Sony’s latest console, the PS5, are being released than ever before.

Sony recently announced a new PS5 controller.


Sony recently announced a new PS5 controller.Credit: Sony

This includes bundles like the God of War Ragnarök PS5 bundle, with the aim of giving more people the opportunity to buy a PlayStation in time for the big releases.

Many people think that gaming is high energy consumption, but it doesn’t have to be.

Find out how much it costs to run a PlayStation 5 console and how you can make it even cheaper.

How much does it cost to run a PlayStation 5?

The PS5 is one of the cheaper consoles out there.

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God of War Ragnarok comes with a new PlayStation bundle

While the Nintendo Switch is by far the cheapest console, the PS5 beats out rivals like the Xbox Series X|S and Steam Deck in terms of power efficiency.

In standby mode, the PS5 costs approx £4 per year run after the price increase.

How much it costs while a game is running depends on the game you want to play.

The more intense the game is supposed to run, the harder components like the fan have to run to keep the console running.

When you hear your PS5 about to take off, it means you are running a power-consuming game.

Running the most energy-intensive games on your PS5 will cost you about 10 cents an hour of gaming, which can add up over time.

Here’s how to reduce the cost of using your PS5

There are several ways to reduce the cost of using your PS5, and some of them you can implement right away.

The most obvious is to make sure your console is on standby every time you step away from your game.

However, there are also a number of lesser-known changes that are easy to make and can save you money.

Here are our top tips for saving money while using your PS5:

Check your settings

Running your TV will likely cost a lot more than running your PS5, so it’s a good idea to check the settings here first.

Increasing the brightness of your TV not only uses energy but also wears down your screen faster.

Make sure your TV is set to as low a brightness level as you find comfortable.

Next you can check your console settings. There are a number of settings that you can change here based on your preferences.

When you’re not downloading games or playing online games, save money by turning off WiFi.

If you’re downloading a big game, put your console to sleep through Settings.

Not only will the game download faster, but you’ll also save money.

If you are sensitive to vibration or don’t like haptic feedback, you can turn this off in the settings to save some money.

Check the games you play

Less graphically demanding games cost less to run on your PS5 than those with more hi-tech graphics.

Any 2D game or older is cheaper than the latest triple-A blockbuster.

However, you can still save money while playing the latest games.

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Unlimited frame rates are one of the highest energy consumers for gaming.

Running games at a stable 60fps – if you’re not too demanding 30fps – can help your console run cheaper.

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