How the ‘water bowl’ hack could save you hundreds of dollars on gas and 5 other top tips to cut costs at the pump

With the cost of living soaring and fuel prices hitting record highs, Britons are feeling the pinch.

But some bargain hunters and motorcycle experts have stepped in, revealing The secret to cutting costs at the pump.

Britons are desperate to cut costs at the pump as fuel prices soar


Britons are desperate to cut costs at the pump as fuel prices soarCredit: Getty Images – Getty

And an interstitial hack involving the unlikely liquid – water.

The experts at car rental company Vanarama have put together a list of top tips to help your fuel go further.

Their first helpful suggestion is to just drive more carefully – but how will that help you save gas?

Each time you pump the brake, valuable energy is lost due to heat released from the brake pads and discs.

Turning the engine around more than necessary creates a similar problem, so easy steady driving is a necessary step.

As your car drives harder, it uses more fuel, so knowing when you might need to stop and shift gears in time will help you navigate more fluently.

To keep yourself in check, Vanarama says all you need is a bowl of water.

By placing the water bowl on your passenger seat, it helps the driver predict their next movements.

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And if it spills, that means you should drive more attentively.

One of the other tips from driving experts is to keep your car clean.

Cars are designed with aerodynamics in mind, but a number of things increase wind resistance and cause drag that consumes fuel – including clutter inside.

This means your car uses more gas because it’s less sensible.

Exterior additions to your vehicle like roof bars, boxes and flags do this too.

Driving with the windows down has the same effect, with each of these factors adding extra stress to your vehicle.

Putting your foot down or shifting gears down to help accelerate uses more fuel.

One of the company’s other money-saving methods is to keep your fuel tank low – as it adds unnecessary weight.

By filling in only the amount of fuel you need, you can save money and use less gas in the long run.

Always following the general maintenance of your engine is another basic rule to follow.

By ensuring your tire pressure is always at the correct level, it will prevent underinflated wheels from creating drag on the road.

Low pressure can create heat and friction, with research showing drivers can waste 3% more fuel for every 10% of your tires are inflated.

Another tip is to use your air conditioner sparingly, no matter how you might blow it up during your journey.

This again wastes fuel, so try and get in the habit of turning it off once you’ve reached the ideal temperature.

But arguably the most effective way to reduce fuel bills is to reduce mileage.

By planning their trips in advance, drivers can cut travel time by finding the best routes with the least congestion.

Daryl West, Director of Social Media and PR at Vanarama, said: “Over the past week, the average price of petrol has risen to £1.51 a litre, while diesel has risen to £1.55.

“This, coupled with the overall cost of living rising at the fastest rate in 30 years, can create additional money worries for motorists.

“To help, we’ve shared ways to save money on your fuel costs – saving you both money and trips to the gas station.” How the ‘water bowl’ hack could save you hundreds of dollars on gas and 5 other top tips to cut costs at the pump

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