How to Boost Your Business’s Roadside Appeal

Since much of the world is currently preoccupied with the digital business arena, it can be easy to forget about the immense value of a company with great roadside appeal. 

Your physical premises says a great deal about you as a business, and no matter what you post online, if your real-life storefront looks like a depilated, loveless husk, you will likely have a hard time convincing anyone of your authenticity. 

A beautiful business emanates care, commitment, class, style, character, and overall appeal. Think of the countless people that walk past every single day – when your roadside appeal is buzzing, all those people are potential customers!

Customers may be convinced to wander in and buy a product or sign up to your services based on your aesthetic alone. It’s a powerful trait to possess, and it should not be underestimated. 

How exactly do you beautify your business’s exterior and make it shine out in all of its glory? Here are some tips to show you how. 

Tidy Up the Surrounding Area

This doesn’t mean you need to go on a neighborhood-wide spring-cleaning mission, but it does mean you need to make sure the immediate vicinity surrounding your company premises looks professional, fresh, and clean. 

Whether it happens to be your parking lot or the sidewalk at the front of your store, cracks in the concrete can be majorly off-putting for customers, and they can be dangerous too. 

To avoid a potential lawsuit and to beautify your premises from the ground up, literally, it’s worth enlisting the help of some expert commercial repair services. This way, you can be sure that you freshen up your roadside appeal in no time. 

It’s worth taking the time to learn more about concrete repair services, as this can help you get an understanding of how much you’ll need to pay for the best repairs should you need them. 

Imagine finding a company online, just to turn up to the store and find that a post-apocalyptic parking lot awaits you – it’s likely not the best look for your business, so if you need to, get the repairs done first, the fundamentals are crucial. 

Get a Good Sign

A great sign can be a sight to behold indeed, but at the granular level, it just needs to get your brand’s message across, appear understandable and accessible, and look good while doing so. 

There is much to consider when sourcing the perfect sign, like the style and color of the font, the logo, the shape, the size, the material, the positioning, and many other factors. 

It’s probably best to sketch out your ideal design and hand it to a graphic design company or a sign maker to help you realize your ideal vision. 

Signs can be expensive, but they often provide a wealth of wonderful benefits, not least of the beautification of your roadside appeal. 

If you are located close to a main road or a highway, you may even need a few extra signs just to boost your visibility, so make sure you take a cohesive and well-thought-out approach, as a bad sign can be annoying and end up putting the customer off. 

Be Welcoming

If you have ever walked past a scary-looking store that had no obvious point of entry, even if you wanted to look around it in the first place, you will probably know how important a welcoming vibe is. 

It would be best if you wanted to welcome your customers in from the great outdoors, not make it hard for them to enter your premises. 

This way, you do not have to rely solely on the customers who need to enter your store for business, as you may be able to welcome in people who just fancy a look around, hopefully resulting in a new lead and a new sale. 

A clean, uncluttered business premises with visible signage, direction, and a clear explanation of what your company actually does is the best way to go. You could even consider getting hold of a welcome mat, a small yet inclusive and friendly gesture that might resonate with your customers, subconsciously or otherwise. 

  • Tip A smile can go a long way toward making someone feel welcome unless it’s one of those alarming kinds of smiles, of course. 

Conceal Your Trashcans (If Possible)

If you can, try not to place your trashcans in full view of the storefront. If this is unavoidable and it’s the only space for them, you should aim to avoid overfilling them, as a bad smell and flies could damage your overall aesthetic. 

It is generally worth putting cleanliness at the front of your mind when trying to beauty a property of any description. 

Go Green

You might wish to think about introducing some greenery to the situation, as a good selection of fauna can go a long way, particularly if you opt for a subtle and sophisticated approach. 

You could try choosing flowers that reflect the colors of your brand’s logo, or you may want to go for the timeless evergreen look of some olive trees. Whatever you decide to opt for, it should represent your brand’s personality, as this boosts cohesion and makes your presence appear established. 

A Lick of Paint is Highly Effective

Over time, your premises may accumulate a little wear and tear from the outside world, like dust and dirt from the pollution of cars or stains and marks from the onslaught of rough weather. 

A new lick of paint can bring back the shine to the exterior of the premises, and it can help to cover up marks too.

Plus, paint can help you out greatly if you feel like totally changing up the appearance of your business quickly and effectively. 

An outrageously bright color like a neon pink might look spectacular, but before you go for anything too drastic, just be sure it matches your brand’s personality and reflects the field of work that you’re in

Meeting customer expectations is important, and it needs to be done if you hope to exceed them in a meaningful way. A beautiful business with limitless curbside appeal can greatly aid you in doing this. 

Fry Electronics Team

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