How to Catch Ralts in Pokemon Arceus – Where & How to Catch!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus (PLA) is a new installment in the classic series about catching and raising pocket monsters. In this game, you will be free to explore untamed wilderness and interact with wild Pokemon. There’s a learning curve to this due to the pretty significant difference this game has compared to its predecessors. If one of your questions is how to get a Ralts, we’ll show you exactly where you need to go to get this famous Pokemon!

Guide Ralts

Ralts is a very popular and versatile Pokemon that a lot of players love to have on their team in every play. They can be quite hard to find in some games, so we’ll take a look at where you’ll be able to find them for yourself.

Where to Find a Ralts

To get a Ralts in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you will need to go to Crimson Mirelands or Alabaster Icelands. In the Crimson Mirelands you will find Ralts located to the west of Holm of Trials and south of Gapejaw Bog. If you want to go to Alabaster Icelands, you can see them spawning around Heart’s Crag and Snowpoint Temple.

Once you reach these areas, just hop on your mount and run around the area to find a Ralts that spawns. If you don’t see one, run away from the area for this Pokemon to appear. Go back and you’ll hopefully see a new litter spawned including a Ralts!

How to catch Ralts

Ralts can shoot if you get too close! Make sure you watch them very carefully, and when you’re in range, throw one of your PokeBalls at it while they’re not moving. If you can hide, you should be able to catch the ball without too much effort.

Here are some tips for catching Pokemon in general if you’re having a hard time:

  • Throw a berry near the Pokemon you’re trying to catch. This will distract them and give you a better chance of sneaking around. You can also use smoke bombs near Pokemon to obscure their view.
  • Sneak behind Pokemon and throw balls at them! This gives you an additional bonus to your catch rate, in addition to the bonus you get for not being seen.
  • Use the upgraded PokeBall! There are many different PokeBalls in the game and higher level PokeBalls will increase your catch.

Progress of the protest

Ralts has access to all of its evolutions in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. You’ll want to first get Ralts to level 20 (the last level needed for the day), so it evolves into Kirlia. Now that you have a choice to make, you can bring your Ralts to Gardevoir or Gallade. The Psychic and Fairies Reservoir can be developed by upgrading Kirlia to level 30. If you want Gallade to have Psychic and Combat, you’ll need to get a male Kirlia and use the Dawn Stone on it. !

Pokemon Arceus Ralts promotional image

That’s everything you need to know about earning Ralts in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! You will find various informative content about the game in Pokemon Arceus section on our website. How to Catch Ralts in Pokemon Arceus – Where & How to Catch!

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