How To Choose The Best Microphone For Discord

The best microphone for discord varies among different people and gamers , but the one thing they all have in common should be great quality,it is something all gamers and users look for in their mics.

The discord microphones attached to the best gaming headsets is highly important, it determines how well your game play goes and how smoothly downloading and communication travels between players, no one wants to be the one player among the few that has a microphone that omits bad sound or even a buzzing noise in the background.

Choosing the right microphone for discord is not going to be so easy because of the wide array of options you might have to choose from, but the important thing is to know the type of microphone you might need and what you need it for.

Answering these questions makes it relatively easier to pick the right choice. There are a lot of gamers that would prefer a microphone attached headset while there are a lot of other people that would prefer a stand alone headset. 

Whatever type you’re going to go for, it is important to pick a microphone that prioritizes great sound quality.

Choosing the best microphone for discord essentially means you’re picking a microphone that allows you communicate with clarity and without any distortions or background noise.

Choosing the best microphone for discord ensures that you have the best user experience, it allows you to enjoy all the features you need in a microphone without worrying about any unnecessary issues or problems.

Key Features To Consider Before You Purchase The Best Mic For Discord

1.      Sound Quality

The microphone is a very integral part of discord, so this means the sound and voice or audio should be clear and concise at all times, the microphone you want must have a great audio quality feature.

It must be able to provide the best sound for all your gaming and even streaming need. Poor sound quality would not only affect you but also the people you are communicating with.

When it comes to recording and even podcasts, it is also essential to go for a microphone that provides good sound. Everything you need the microphone for boils down to how good the sound is and how great the audio input is.

The sound and it’s quality are one of the most important things about a microphone.

The sound and audio is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to the type of microphone you want, great sounds provides an even better experience, especially for gamers.

2.      Polar Pattern​

A polar pattern determines how much, and from which direction, an audio signal will be picked up by the microphone.

For gaming you’ll mostly want a pattern that picks up sounds directly in front of the microphone ,this means the sound that comes from you alone and not from everywhere else or the entire environment.

There are various polar patterns for various purposes. There is the cardioid which records in front of the microphone, there is the omnidirectional which picks up sound from different directions.

This is perfect for round table talks, there is the bidirectional which captures sound in front and behind the mic and then there is the Stereo which is said to be for ASMR.

The polar pattern you pick would determine the kind of microphone you go for, it is important to note that all the polar patterns are great but you would still have to choose which one goes well with the kind of microphone you need.

3.      Frequency response range​

This is an important feature that tells users the lowest and highest pitched sounds the mic membrane is capable of picking up. The baseline range is 20 Hz-20 KHz because those extremes are also the limits of human hearing.

The frequency response range basically determines the level of frequency the microphone will pick up, even if that means some microphones exceed the normal hearing limit.

The frequency response range is a feature that is in all microphone, choosing the best one assures great sound qualities from your microphone.

Finding out more about the frequency response range will help you choose which one match you discord needs. 

4.      Design and build ​

The design and build is very important, the design or how attractive it may be is one of the more aesthetic features that users may be looking for, when it comes to the design, it is important to go for one that light match your work space.

The build is also important because you want a microphone that will last through any circumstance. Another thing to take into consideration is how comfortable or portable it is.

If you’re looking for a microphone you can take around you might want to go for one that can be moved around with ease and comfort, if you want a microphone that is more stable, then go for one that is more stand alone than the others.

The design is very important and the quality of the build is just as important.


There are various types of microphones to choose from and they all have different features and even different price ranges, there are a lot of reasons why you need to choose the best microphones for discord.

The most important being clear audio when people are communicating within an online community.

There are various products and brands of microphones to choose from and this provides a wide range of options for users that might have particular uses or needs from their own microphone.

When choosing the best microphones for discord, there are a lot of features that the user might have to consider and this is in order not to make poor choices or choose microphones with poor audio quality of poor features in general. 

Microphones for discord could be used for gaming, for making podcasts, for recording anything and for streaming.

All this various purposes could be grouped into the types of microphone you might need, it could be a microphone that has a headset or a stand alone microphone which is mostly used by professionals, while the headset microphones are used by mostly gamers.

Microphones for discord have become such an important part of the gaming community and so many other communities, they work on great quality and the best features possible, this is why it is important for every user to choose the right microphone that will suit their every need perfectly.


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