How to develop Pokemon trading without trading in Arceus

Pokemon Legends: Arceus (PLA) is a whole new way to play Pokemon, and with this unique look across the franchise you’ll find that some things have been streamlined. One of the old carry-ons from previous Pokemon are certain pocket monsters that require you to exchange them in order to evolve. Well, while this can still be done in-game, you have an additional option that’s now much easier and doesn’t require a second player! We’ll tell you all about Trading Links in this guide!

Pokemon Commercial Development

There’s a pretty well known list of Pokemon that can only evolve when they’re traded to another player. It’s not the hardest thing in the world, but you probably don’t have a friend who plays games or even plays online! If this is you, then you can celebrate because in Pokemon Legends: Arceus you can evolve these Pokemon without trading!

The item in question is called Link Wire. This item can be obtained in-game by transferring Merit Points and can then be used on Pokemon that only evolve by trading. When you use the item on that Pokemon, it will evolve to the next stage of evolution!

Pokemon that can be evolved by trading or Linking are:

  • Graveler -> Golem
  • Kadabra -> Alakazam
  • Haunter -> Gengar
  • Machop -> Machoke

Remember you can still evolve these Pokemon by trading them if you don’t want to spend the Virtue Points! This is a more option for players without internet.

There are also Pokemon that must be kept an item and then traded. This has also been streamlined, you just need the item now and can use it on Pokemon and it will evolve.

Pokemon that can be evolved by trading and must keep an item are:

  • Magmar (Magmarizer) -> Magmortar
  • Dusclops (Reaper’s Cloth) -> Dusknoir
  • Electabuzz (Electrical Machine) -> Electivire

How to get Linked Wire

The Link Item can be obtained in Pokemon Legends: Arceus by spending 1,000 Virtues at the Jubilee Village Virtue Shop. You can get Bonus Points for returning lost bags to NPCs in the game. This will reward you with 50 – 100 Merit Points for each bag you put in.

Pokemon Arceus Alakazam . promotional image

That’s everything you need to know about the Trading Link item in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! You will find various informative content about the game in Pokemon Arceus section on our website. How to develop Pokemon trading without trading in Arceus

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