How to get bows (Horn Bow, Bow, Dalian, Lightbow)

Different players have different playstyles – while some like to advance, get close and personal before slamming their melee weapons into enemies, some prefer to keep their distance and take them down. For Elden Ring players (like me) who prefer the latter, here it is how to get bow in game. See how to unlock Horn Bow, Longbow, Lion Greatbow, Erdtree Greatbow, Golem Greatbow and Composite Bow (Lightbow).

How to Get All Bows in Elden Circle (Location)

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To get these ranged weapons to deal damage from a distance, you need to have one of the following bows:

  • Bow horns
  • Bow
  • Greatbows
  • Rainbow

Horn Bow scales up as you add points to your Strength and Dexterity. So if your build makes your character a warrior and you are also looking for magic damage, this is the way you need it.

How to get Horn Bow in Elden Ring (Location)

  • Fast travel to The suburb of Mistwood.
  • Summon your horse and go to Siofra River Well.
  • Go elevator at the Well of the River Siofra and go down.
  • Now keep going until you reach Hallowhorn Base.
  • You need to go under the stairs and find a corpse with a glowing object on it. Interact with it and you’ll unlock the Horn Bow in the Elden Ring. Players can cast Ashes of War with this bow and upgrade with Smithing Stones.

How to get Longbow in Elden Ring

  • If you chose Samurai level, you will take the Longbow as a starting weapon. You don’t have to do anything extra to unlock it.
  • Players can also come Round Table Hold and Interact with Twin Maiden Husks to buy Longbow from them. You can cast it with Ashes of War or upgrade it with Smithing Stones.

How to get Lion Greatbow

  • Caliber combat lovers can also get the Lion Greatbow which can be unlocked with Star Calamity Remembrance trade with Enia, who was at the Roundtable. You cannot cast Ashes of War with this bow, but you can upgrade it with Somber Smithing Stones.

How to get Erdtree Greatbow

  • Go Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace.
  • Turn right and use ladder to go down.
  • You will land on a toxic areaso you need to sprint and go from it as quickly as possible. Keep an eye on the toxicity meter, we don’t want it to fill up.
  • Turn right and you will come face to face with a carriage.
  • Note that you need 2 Stonesword key to access this dungeon.
  • Your mission is Not killed by the giant chariot and as you walk you will enter Fringefolk Hero’s Grave.
  • Explore dungeons, defeat the Chariot boss and you will get Erdtree Greatbow as reward. You cannot cast Ashes of War with this bow, but you can upgrade it with Somber Smithing Stones.

There’s a lot you can do here and it’s well demonstrated by Youtuber theJOSHfeed in this video:

How to get Golem Greatbow

  • There is a chance that you can get the Golem Greatbow as a dropped from Golem archers near Castle Morne in the Weeping Peninsula. Also search Golem Archers at Stormhill, on the Limgrave Tower Bridge.
  • You cannot cast Ashes of War with this bow, but you can upgrade it with Somber Smithing Stones.

How to get Composite Bow (Light Bow) in Elden Circle

  • To circumvent enemy guards from afar, you can buy Synthetic Bows from the Nomadic Trader. You can find this seller in Liurnia of the Lakes, near Bellum Church. Be prepared to spend 3500 Runes to get this. The player can cast Ashes of War and can also upgrade it with Smithing Stones.

That’s all for this one! Want more Elden Ring Content? Go to our catalog and discover hidden secrets! How to get bows (Horn Bow, Bow, Dalian, Lightbow)

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