How to get Miquella’s Halitree in Elden’s ring?

Miquella’s Halitree in Elden Ring is a Legacy Dungeon that is only accessible through the Portal. To get there, you will need certain items as well as you will have to solve a puzzle. In this tutorial, I will show you How to get to Miquella’s Halitree in Elden Ring.

How to get to Miquella’s Halitree in the Elden Ring

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Before we can go to Miquella’s Halitree, we’ll have to go first The town of Lithurgical Ordina inside Consecrated Snow Field. This location is not accessible as you will need Halitree Secret Medal to activate Rold’s Elevation. The Halitree Secret Medal consists of two halves. The first one is obtained by talking to Albus, an NPC in Albinaurics Làng Village. He will be disguised as a Pot on the road, To the West from the Place of Grace. Hit the Pot and he will be revealed as well as he will give Halitree Secret Medal (Right). That’s half done, in the second half you’ll have to fight the Boss. That boss is Commander Niall are from Castle Sol. Once you defeat him, you can get to the area behind him. There you will be able to get Halitree Secret Medal (Left).

Now with both parts you will be able to activate the secret path in Grand Lift of Rold. It is located to the east of Lyndell, Capital Cityvia Forbidden Land. When you get there, you will have to stand in a circle that will remind you Raise secret medals. In doing this, you will activate the Elevator and get to the top. Follow the Path and you come to a door. Open the door and you’ve arrived Consecrated Snow Field. If you travel Northeastcross the river, you will come The town of Lithurgical Ordina. On the rooftops, there will be Evergaol Puzzles. You will have to solve puzzles that will break a seal Miquella’s Halitree Portal in the Elden Ring.

How to solve the Evergaol puzzle in Elden Ring

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When you reach the Evergaol Puzzle portal, you will enter Evergaol. From there, you will have the task of completing the puzzle between the enemies as shown with the shadow assassins & archers. The puzzle is quite simple because there are 4 Big Lady Statues each person keeps one Candle. The solution to the Puzzle is light all the candles. The location of each Statue is:

  • Candle 1 is inside center Square by Evergaol.
  • Candle 2 at the western edge of town. To access it, you will have to climb a ladder.
  • Candle 3 is correct next to you when you enter Evergaol. Even though it’s at the top, you’ll have to find a ladder to get to it.
  • Candle 4 is at the position where Archer To be. You can take the ladder from Candle 3 and finish off the Archer. From there climb the Tower and you’ll be able to light the Last Candle.

When you solve the puzzle, you will receive a prompt that The seal was broken. Exit Evergaol beforehand and there will be a set of stairs nearby. At the top is the Portal that will take you to Miquella’s Halitree in the Elden Ring. From here, you’ll be able to explore Treetops of Miquella’s Halitree & get lots of resources and some good ashes.

It’s all about getting to Miquella’s Halitree in the Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other tutorials like How to get the sacred sword and its location & List of the best war ashes ranks in the Elden Ring. How to get Miquella’s Halitree in Elden’s ring?

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