How to make Elden ring easier or harder

Can you make the Elden Ring easier or harder? Well, in FromSoftware games, there is no option to change the difficulty in Elden Ring. Everyone plays on the same difficulty level and when you talk about the game Soulsborne high level of challenge comes up. Therefore, it has a niche but loyal audience.

Many people love the process – feel the pain of loss over and over against a boss, devise a new strategy to finally take down an enemy, and feel super excited at the time. But Elden Ring is hugely popular right now, and that’s attracting the attention of a whole new audience. A lot of new players bought the game to find out why Elden Ring had such hype only to find out that the challenge was something they didn’t like.

It all depends on how you play, what your classes are and how your build helps you. But there are a few things you can do to make it feel like you’re playing on an easier or harder difficulty.

How to make Elden Rings Easier

How to make Elden Ring easier

Let’s first consider the question most non-soulborne players have in mind.

Check out some of the best Buildings you can use

If you’re not sure what will make you stronger, make sure to look up the best build instructions and make a build according to that. Elden Ring is a huge game and can be overwhelming at first. Don’t despair, because people will keep dying as they fight enemies/boss. But if you’re careful plan which classes you enjoy playing and which stats to increase – you’ll end up dying less often and progressing relatively faster.

Research all the classes before you pick one and find out which has better HP, better attacks, and more. If you want to choose one of the easiest classes, here’s a guide to Best starting classes for beginners. There’s something for all playstyles – melee, ranged, or a combination of both. If you’re not used to ranged attacks or haven’t mastered it yet, try making your character a master of ranged attacks (magic or archery).

Use Stealth – Evade & Escape when necessary

It’s not obligatory to take on every enemy you see. You can Move around stealthily and avoid lots of opponents to unlock maps, collect Runes, etc Hiding in the tall grass, crouch to hide and you’ll end up a considerable distance without actually killing every enemy. You can sneak and distract your enemies with throwables and run away from dangerous situations.

Plus, yours reliable horse It comes in handy whenever your boss is spying on you. Sometimes you can collect items and escape – enemies will chase you but not for long. Continue to level up and collect useful items until you’re ready to go back to your old spot in the open world and kill enemies (such as the Tree Sentinel).

Use special tricks and paths

A lot of YouTubers and streamers have found unique tricks and exploits to instantly farm thousands of Runes early, craft powerful items, make your character OP fast, and more. Some players even have Complete the game by running fast it! So what you can do is watch their videos, follow their footsteps, place your Runes to increase the proper stats and voilà, you should be able to beat the game with relatively little effort.

Summoning Players to Make Elden Rings Easier

If you are playing online, one of the best things you can do is summon other players to assist you in defeating a boss. Enemy difficulty does not increase if you bring people who cooperate for help. However, keep in mind that playing online means you can get invaded by the enemy.

Here’s everything you can do to make making the Elden Ring easier, but if you want to really feel like a god, you can try a trainer or mod. But it comes at a risk of player being banned, even if they play offline, it hasn’t been confirmed by FromSoftware yet. Trainers will give you unlimited health, attack power, and lots of boosters that will make the Elden Ring a beautiful trail.

How to make Elden ring harder?

how to make the bell ring harder

The Elden Ring is familiar territory for fans of the Souls genre. For players who want to make the Elden Ring even harder than it is now, try this to give yourself a tougher challenge:

Beat the Boss without leveling up

This can be a good challenge for yourself when you are forced to think of new strategies to kill opponents without leveling up too much.

Play NG +

NG+ mode makes enemies harder to defeat (they have more health and deal more damage in one hit). However, the rewards you get from defeating them are much more than that. You can unlock New Game+ after defeating the final boss and completing the credits. For this you need to Hold a Roundtable, rest at the Place of Grace, and select the Start Journey 2 option.

Try another class

If you’ve mastered a certain class – such as a Magic class, then start a new game with a class based on Melee. Try a new class that you’re not comfortable with or haven’t used before, and there’s a challenge for you.

Try out different weapons and buildings

Elden Ring’s replayability is very good – you can use a new weapon that you didn’t choose last time and create a completely different craft this time.

Limit the use of the bottle

The Elden Ring has been less forgiving in terms of health. You can level up even more challenges by limiting the use of Pots or not using them at all.

Do not use the command

Beat every opponent – big or small – solo and beat the match.

It’s all about making Elden Ring easier or harder – hope it helps! For more Elden Ring InsuranceBe sure to check out our dedicated section. How to make Elden ring easier or harder

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