How to mount a TV on the wall: step-by-step guide

MANY people these days opt for a space-saving wall-mounted TV, but you need to make sure it’s securely attached to the TV wall mount.

If you are looking for that The best cheap 4K TV dealsYou may also want to know how to wall mount a TV and we have got you covered.

Wall mounting a TV is always a two-person job


Wall mounting a TV is always a two-person jobPhoto credit: Getty

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Once you have chosen a TV and wall mount from our selection The best TV wall mounts is available, there is only one thing left to do – assemble.

Before you can watch your favorite TV shows endlessly, you’ll need to make sure your TV wall mount fits the TV, so check out our handy guide How do you measure a TV screen?

When buying the TV wall mount, be sure to measure your TV and check its weight. You also need to know the VESA pattern.

Once you’re all set and ready to go, you can start wall mounting your TV and you can even hide the cables with our helpful guide.

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How to mount a TV on the wall step by step

When using a TV wall mount, you need to be able to trust that it will stay in place when you go away.

A well-built bracket is only half the battle: you need to know how to securely wall mount a TV.

  1. Find your tool kit, you will need a drill, screws, screwdriver, tape measure, spirit level and dowels. Make sure your anchor is suitable for the type of wall e.g. B. brick or drywall.
  2. Recruit an assistant (glamorous or not) to support the TV’s weight when mounting it – you can’t do it alone, no matter how strong you are.
  3. Screw the TV wall mount into the back of the TV, there are at least four points to attach it.
  4. Think about where you want to put your TV – the best thing to do is sit on your sofa and observe where you can comfortably watch TV. Simple rule of thumb is to measure about 42 inches from the floor.
  5. This next step can be a bit of a balancing act, but use a pencil to mark on the wall where the holes need to be. Use a spirit level to make sure your TV is mounted squarely to the wall, you don’t want a wobbly TV.
  6. Drill through the pencil marks on the wall and insert the wall plugs into the holes – making sure they are tight and secure.
  7. With your assistant supporting the weight of the TV, screw the TV wall mount (and TV) to the wall until it is secure.
  8. Carefully step away from the wall and leave your new wall-mounted TV attached to it.

If all of this seems too daunting for you, or you don’t have a drill, you can hire someone to customize it for you. There are many companies that offer a full customization service – or ask a friend for help.

What is VESA?

If you’ve checked out our list of the best TV wall mounts, or have already purchased a TV wall mount, you’ll have seen the term VESA pattern or VESA size.

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association and the sizes are a standardized system to ensure your TV wall mount will always fit.

If your wall mount has a VESA pattern listed, it’s easy to find out if it fits: all you need is a tape measure.

Look at the four holes on the back of your TV and measure the distance between the center of the top two in millimeters. This will give you your first number.

Then measure the distance between the top and bottom holes again in millimeters and get your second number.

This number is then displayed with an “x” in the middle, e.g. B. 400 x 400, and most are square.

How to hide the cables when wall mounting a TV

When you wall mount your TV, it still has to be plugged in, which means unsightly cables hanging down.

If you only have a few cables, this might not bother you, but if you want to hide them, using trunking is the easiest way.

This is a long, box-like cable cover that can hide the cables, but you’ll still see the cable channel, although it can be easily disguised by choosing a color to blend with your wall.

Another option, if you’re comfortable with your home improvement projects and have the time, is to run the wire up the wall, or if you’re an electrician you can move the outlets higher on the wall.

This is best done when decorating the room as it can be messy and very time consuming.

If you want a quick and effective method, you can buy self-adhesive cable covers to get the job done easily.

How much should you spend on a wall mount?

There really is no set price for how much you can spend on a TV wall mount.

Most cost between £16 and £150, it really depends on what you need and the size of your TV.

Some TV wall mounts offer you a flush line with the wall, others have tilt and swivel movements – you can even get some with extensions on the arms.

Our top picks for TV wall mounts are:

What equipment do I need to mount a TV on the wall?

If you’re not sure what gear you need, there are some simple tools that everyone should have in their tool kit.

A screwdriver is the foundation of most home improvement projects and a drill is always useful.

Here’s the equipment you need to mount your TV on the wall

  • Drills, this is an investment and a good drill can last for years, this one is on sale Amazon.
  • Screwdrivers, these often come in sets giving you a choice of sizes, buy on amazon.
  • Wall Plugs and Screws Wall plugs are a handy little tool to keep your screws from slipping out of the wall. Buy a variety pack from Amazon.
  • A tape measure is also an essential tool when you start your toolbox, you can put on this retractable tape measure Amazon.
  • spirit level, helpful when you hang picture frames too, buy on amazon.

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