How to stop iPhone battery “vampire drain” – simple hacks will save charge instantly

EVERY iPhone is packed with powerful features to extend battery life.

Make sure you have the best settings — and don’t make the common mistakes that drain your iPhone’s battery.

Your iPhone really is powerful — but it can be drained by silly battery bugs


Your iPhone really is powerful — but it can be drained by silly battery bugsCredit: apple

Don’t keep closing apps

Constantly closing iPhone apps is a waste of time – and could even damage your phone.

Apple says you shouldn’t bother unless an app is frozen.

“When you see your recent apps, the apps aren’t open, but they’re on standby to help you navigate and multitask,” Apple explained.

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Part of the problem is that it’s tempting to think apps are running in your “carousel.”

But they’re actually frozen by your iPhone, so they don’t consume resources while you’re doing other things.

Fully restarting apps after swiping consumes more battery life.

The more you stress your battery, the faster it will degrade over time.

And this app will take longer to restart.

It’s like loading a TV from standby instead of completely restarting the TV.

Look for bad apps

Your iPhone has a built-in tool that can help you find out exactly which apps are draining your battery life.

Go to Settings > Battery and then wait for the page to load.

Next, tap on the “Last 10 days” option, which shows battery usage for various apps over the past week and a half.

If you scroll down, you’ll see the apps that used up the majority of your battery life in percentage form.

So, if an app has 20% next to it, it means that it has consumed one-fifth of the total battery life used in the last 10 days.

You can also toggle it to view the items listed by activity and organize them by battery usage.

So if you’ve spent very little time on an app but it’s at the top of your usage list, that means it’s a battery killer.

This section also breaks down the time the app has been running in the background.

Watch out for apps that consume a lot of battery and take up a lot of background usage time – they’re particularly bad for your battery life.

Use power saving mode

Power saving mode turns off some power-hungry features on your phone.

Unfortunately, this can mean that some apps, tools, and features on your phone will no longer work — at least temporarily.

“When Battery Saver is on, your iPhone lasts longer before you need to charge it, but some features may take longer to update or complete,” Apple explains.

“Also, some tasks may not work until you disable sleep mode or charge your iPhone to 80% or more.”

To turn on battery saver mode, go to Settings > Battery and toggle the switch at the top.

Protect your iPhone

Perhaps the best advice is to protect your iPhone battery from damage in the first place to maximize its lifespan.

Extreme temperatures can cause major problems with your smartphone – and Apple’s expensive iPhones are no exception.

“Low or high temperatures can cause the device to change behavior,” Apple explains.

Cold temperatures can temporarily reduce battery life.

But high temperatures can mess up your battery life forever.

“Using an iOS device in very hot conditions can permanently decrease battery life,” according to a support post from Apple.

On hot days, an iPhone can very easily exceed its normal operating temperature.

Apple has some specific warnings about things you definitely shouldn’t be doing with your iPhone today:

  • Leave the device in the car on a hot day
  • Expose the device to direct sunlight for a long period of time
  • Use of certain functions in heat or direct sunlight for a long period of time, e.g. B. GPS tracking or navigating in a car, playing a graphics-intensive game, or using augmented reality apps

Use WiFi

Using the Internet over a Wi-Fi connection will decrease your phone’s battery life.

But energy costs increase even more when you surf on mobile data.

So if you have the opportunity to use a WiFi network, it is also worth switching to it.

It’s also a double bonus, as WiFi is often faster than mobile data — and rarely has data caps.

If you have no hope of getting a signal – like flying – consider turning on airplane mode.

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This prevents your iPhone from constantly searching for networks, which can affect battery life.

To turn Airplane Mode on, just go into Settings and toggle the Airplane Mode button at the top.

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