How to Stop Snoring: 5 Must-Try Hacks Including Saying Vowels Out Loud

Everyone knows someone who snores – whether you keep others awake with your snoring or someone who keeps you awake with theirs. Here are five simple tips to stop snoring

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Sleep expert reveals mouth trick to stop snoring

Around 15 million people in the UK snore, with men snoring three times more often than women.

snoring may not always be a problem for the person doing it, but it absolutely is a problem for partners who are kept awake by their other half’s loud snoring.

Many people turn to things like nasal strips and changing sleeping positions to try and stop snoring peaceful night’s sleep.

However, sleep expert Katherine Hall has teamed up with a mattress company Happy bedsto reveal a simple yet effective mouth trick that helps snorers among other useful ones Bedtime tips for a quiet night.

What Mouth Tricks Can Help You Stop Snoring?

Repeating your vowels out loud will help stop snoring


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Sleep psychologist Katherine Hall revealed that her number one tip for stopping snoring is to repeat the vowels out loud. According to Hall, AEIOU’s simple statement can help you stop snoring.

This is an anti-snoring throat exercise that’s a great way to strengthen the muscles in your throat and stop them from vibrating and causing snoring while you sleep.

A few times a day, take a few minutes to repeat each of the vowels out loud. Over time, this habit will help strengthen your throat muscles.

How can you stop snoring?

Simple changes in your daily routine can reduce your chances of snoring


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There are a few other sleeping habits you can try to help stop snoring.

Take a hot shower before bed

Snoring is often caused by allergens that irritate the nasal passages and cause them to narrow.

Try taking a hot shower before bed, as the steam will help moisten your nasal passages, helping you breathe better at night and reducing snoring problems.

Eat earlier

Going to bed on a full stomach puts extra pressure on your chest and lungs, which can then lead to snoring.

Try to eat earlier, preferably in the evening about four hours before you normally go to bed. This would mean that by the time you get into bed, the food has already been digested, relieving any pressure and stopping your snoring.

Keep pets out of the bedroom

If you enjoy snuggling in bed with a pet at night, consider changing that. Sometimes there can be a link between allergies caused by your pets’ skin or fur dander, which can make breathing problems worse.

Pet owners are advised not to let their furry friends into the bedroom at night if possible.

Do mouth training

Mouth training helps exercise the muscles in your mouth that control snoring.

One exercise is to push the tip of your tongue back along the roof of your mouth as far as possible. Alternatively, just press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and squeeze.

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