How to warm up and cool down while exercising


Here are some key activation and mobilization exercises I would recommend runners use as part of a dynamic warm-up routine.

Warm up

1 Side leg swings (top) – Swing your leg to the side as far as you feel comfortable and back across your body in one fluid motion. Repeat 10 times on each leg.

2 Side mixing – Start in a mini squat, move your feet to one side and back to the other in each direction for 10-12 steps.

3 Leg Kick Ups – Step out in front of your body with one leg as high as possible. You can hold on for balance. Perform 10 reps on each leg.

4 Walking lunges – Take a big step forward and bend both knees straight down so that the back knee is just off the floor. Continue on each leg for 10 steps.

5 Kneel up to lean back – Drive one knee forward and then step backwards. Repeat 10 times on each leg.

6 hip opener – Lift one knee in front and rotate it to the side as far as you are comfortable. Then lower again. Repeat 10 times on each leg.

cooling down

After a training session or a race you are probably feeling tired and hopefully feeling a sense of accomplishment. It’s easy to just get over it and find a reason to just skip the chill, run home to make dinner, meet friends, or go to work. Adequate cooling down for 5-10 minutes will speed up your recovery, normalize your heart rate, reduce lactic acid build-up, reduce the risk of injury, and improve relaxation.

Just five minutes of stretching will help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). DOMS typically starts 12-24 hours after an intense workout and can last for two to three days.

It is recommended that you walk for a few minutes to normalize your heart rate and then do slow static stretches of the major muscle groups used in running. Hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds and do one or two repetitions on each side.

Here are some examples of distances that are important to runners.

1 calf stretch – Bent and straight leg. Step one foot behind you and keep that foot flat on the floor. Bend your front knee and lean forward. Repeat on the opposite side. You can lean against a wall or brace yourself in front to increase the stretch. Then step closer with the back leg and bend both knees while keeping your heels on the floor. Repeat on the opposite side.

2 quadriceps stretches – If necessary, hold onto a support for balance and raise one leg behind you, grasping your ankle or lower leg. Pull your ankle or lower leg towards you as tightly as possible. Keep both knees close together.

3 Hip flexor stretch – Kneel into a lunge, squeeze your glutes and lean your hips forward until you feel a stretch across your hips.

4 Hamstring stretch – Lying on your back, place your hands behind one knee, then step leg up towards the ceiling until you feel a stretch in the back of your leg. Keep your opposite leg straight.

5 groin stretch – Stand with your feet a big step apart and toes pointing forward. Lean to one side and bend that knee. Keep your heels flat on the floor and the other leg straight as you feel this stretch through your inner thigh.

6 glute stretch – Lie on your back, cross one foot over the opposite knee, and then pull that knee towards you as much as possible. How to warm up and cool down while exercising

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