How you can get slapped with an UNLIMITED fine for driving while tired

DRIVERS can be fined UNLIMITED if they get behind the wheel while tired.

UK law says that if you cause an accident by doing this you can be charged with dangerous driving and face unlimited fines, a driving ban and up to 14 years. prison.

Drivers could face an unlimited fine for getting behind the wheel when tired


Drivers could face an unlimited fine for getting behind the wheel when tiredCredit: Getty

So to prevent this from happening Vanarama shared their top tips to keep motorists alert to the dangers of drowsy driving…


Time your driving during peak sleepiness.

Drivers are 20 times more likely to be drowsy while driving at 6 a.m. than at 10 p.m.

Most people’s body clocks naturally decrease, causing drowsiness and impaired concentration, in the early morning (2am – 6am) and early afternoon (2pm – 4pm).

If possible, try to avoid driving during these hours.


Get cold air conditioned around your car. If your car is stuffy or overheated, this will make you feel drowsy while driving.

Open a window or turn the air conditioner on all the way to wake you up – point the vents away from your eyes to avoid drying them out.


Gum. Research shows that chewing gum helps reduce feelings of fatigue because it prevents you from yawning.


Play some upbeat music. Try choosing songs that you know the words to be able to sing along to and stimulate your brain.

Additionally, Vanarama recommends listening to punk or indie music, as in their previous research they were the two genres that raised a driver’s heart rate the most while driving – helping them stay awake.


Limit your intake of carbs and sugary snacks before driving.

While you might be tempted to eat crisps and chocolate as a pick-me-up for the afternoon at the office, they could do you more harm than good.

Once they’re metabolized and your blood sugar spike is depleted, your sleepiness can increase even more – making you drowsy and more likely to have an accident while driving home.

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Exercise before driving. Exercise increases blood flow to your brain, which helps lower your stress hormone levels.

So a 20-minute workout in the morning before driving to work will not only improve your fitness level, but it will also help you feel more alert while driving. How you can get slapped with an UNLIMITED fine for driving while tired

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