How your favorite drink can boost your weight loss

Most people cannot function properly in the morning without caffeine.

Experts have claimed that a cup of coffee keeps you awake for the day, but it can also help boost your weight loss process.

We all drink a variety of beverages most days - but experts say a big meal in the morning can help you on your weight loss journey


We all drink a variety of beverages most days – but experts say a big meal in the morning can help you on your weight loss journeyCredit: Getty

A balanced diet includes foods from all groups, including fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

The NHS says there are a number of ways that will assist you in your weight loss journey, including being active, using a smaller plate and staying hydrated.

But there are things that may already be part of your daily routine that can help.

Drinking a glass of joe can stimulate “brown fat”, which burns calories to generate body heat – Scientists have found.

Drinking it in moderation can help with weight loss – as long as you don’t use added sweeteners and creams.

Professor Michael Symonds, from the University of Nottingham previously found that coffee can have a direct impact on fat function.

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“Brown fat works in a different way than other fats in your body and generates heat by burning sugar and fat, usually in response to cold,” he explains.

“The increased activity of it improves blood sugar control as well as improves blood lipid (fat) levels and extra calories burned for weight loss.

“This is the first study in humans to show that something like a cup of coffee can have a direct effect on the functions of our brown fat.”

Experts in China also found that drinking 4 cups of coffee a day can help you lose body fat.

Experts conducted a 24-week investigation to examine the effects of coffee on 126 overweight men and women in Singapore.

The scientists asked half of the participants, all of whom were Chinese, Malay or Asian Indians, to drink four cups of caffeinated coffee a day.

The other half drank a beverage that mimics the taste of coffee but isn’t coffee and doesn’t contain caffeine.


Specifically, at the end of the study, experts found that people who drank four cups of caffeinated coffee a day for six months had nearly 4% less body fat than those who didn’t.

Study author Dr Derrick Johnston Alperet, from the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, says that coffee-based fat loss may be the result of a “metabolic response – not a metabolic response.” not lifestyle changes” specifically diet and physical fitness. work”.

He claims that caffeine causes the drinker’s metabolism to increase – leading to more calories being burned and a significant reduction in body fat.

While these scientific studies show that coffee helps burn fat, experts have previously warned that no foods can actually burn fat.

Dr Mayur Ranchordas, an exercise physiologist and sports nutritionist at Sheffield Hallam previously commented on TikTok Trends shows that users combine coffee and lemon or lime for weight loss.

“From a scientific perspective, there’s no such thing as fat-burning food, it’s just impossible,” he said.

Top tips to make sure you’re on the right track for weight loss

Personal trainer Lewis Paris explains that we need to clear up myths when it comes to fat loss

Lewis, a personal trainer with a corporate benefits background Gympass “When it comes to weight loss we can’t simply decide where we want to lose fat, that’s not possible, instead we lose fat all over the body,” says Dr.

“Yes, we can help encourage certain areas around the body to be ‘toned’ by doing certain exercises but we still can’t pinpoint where the fat will be lost.”

To make sure you’re on track to lose weight and lose belly fat, keep it simple and focus on 3 things:

– Understand your daily maintenance calories and eat less than 2-300kcal

– Increase your NEAT: Non-exercise thermogenesis (walking, cleaning, gardening, playing with your kids, etc.)

– Introduce LISS workouts x1-2 times per week: Low-intensity steady-state cardio (cycling, brisk walking, cross-training)

He adds: “To increase your chances of burning belly fat and building a toned body, you must first understand how to contract and breathe properly during your workout.

“Not only will this encourage good technique and save your lower back, but it will also help improve your mind to muscle connection, your muscles will get stronger, and you’ll build a more toned physique around.” around my midsection.”

Dr. Mayur acknowledges that the caffeine in coffee is a food that can boost metabolism, as well as spicy food.

“But the change is small, and unless you’re making significant changes to your diet, you won’t see much of a difference to your physique,” he says.

“The only way you can change your physique in that way is to burn more calories than you consume by combining exercise and dietary modification,” says Dr. Mayur.

ONE study abroad in 2018 find that coffee helps boost your metabolism, which in turn can help you burn more calories.

But it’s important to remember that everyone is different, and while coffee may increase one person’s metabolism, it may not do anything for another.

Experts also say that coffee can help suppress your appetite, preventing you from reaching for cookies or crisps.

This is because coffee helps stimulate feelings of fullness peptide hormone YY (PYY).

This means that coffee will help you feel satisfied and less hungry.

Preg Appetit registered dietitian Ashley Shaw says you should stop drinking coffee around six hours before bed.

This is because coffee can keep us from sleeping, and lack of sleep can also lead to weight gain.

Shaw said Insiders that if you want to drink coffee to lose weight then you should follow some rules.

She added: “Four cups of coffee a day are beneficial for feeling more awake and better fat metabolism while not affecting sleep and hunger too much.

Experts say that four cups of coffee a day is the right amount to help you lose weight


Experts say that four cups of coffee a day is the right amount to help you lose weightCredit: Getty
James ‘Arg’ Argent all smiles as he shows off his tiny roast dinner after 13 weight loss How your favorite drink can boost your weight loss

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