Hugh Jackman sparks internet debate over controversial waffle topping


Some fans think Hugh Jackman’s waffle topping is just weird, mate.

The internet chatter between fans began over the weekend after the ‘Wolverine’ star shared some snaps of his recent ‘cheat meal’ while dining out at Waffle House in England (no, not the Waffle House chain restaurant).

In Shared multiple photos on InstagramJackman presented a variety of waffle dishes, including a mushroom waffle with what appeared to be melted cheese and a savory red sauce.

The Marvel graduate captioned the post: “Happy cheat food to me! No! I have not shared. And I’m not sorry.”

While savory waffles are by no means unprecedented, Jackman’s is more than that 31 million followers I couldn’t help but joke with the actor about his controversial waffle toppings.


“I can understand the waffles with the banana, I don’t know what that on the other waffle is, I don’t want that lol. Keep it!” said another person.

“A cheat meal NEVER includes mushrooms,” wrote another follower alongside a puke emoji.

Other fans rushed to defend the Australian actor’s eclectic mix.

“There’s no way I’m sorry I’d devour this in seconds,” said one follower.

“Damn I should have done this tonight I have a waffle iron, a can of mushies and some ground beef and smoked paprika tomorrow night for sure,” wrote another fan.

Much to the relief of his fans, the mushroom-covered waffle wasn’t the only thing he ate at the restaurant. He also snapped a photo of a berry milkshake with plenty of whipped cream and another loaded waffle with banana slices, chocolate flakes and toffee sauce.

Jackman confused fans again earlier this year after revealing that he had “gained weight” from eating 8,000 calorie meals for his return as Wolverine in the upcoming “Deadpool 3″ Movie.

“Mass education. A day in the life,” wrote Jackman, who has sported his nearly indestructible adamantium claws for more than two decades since first appearing as Logan/Wolverine in 2000’s “X-Men.”

“Thank you, Chef Mario, for helping me stay healthy and properly nourished while I… Wolverine. Again,” the Golden Globe winner added in the caption, alongside photos of the six meals he’ll be eating on any given day in preparation for the iconic role.

Starring Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 3 is slated to hit theaters on November 8, 2024.

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