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One of many first playing cards to be launched for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt was Take into account, and it prompted one thing of a small controversy. Whereas the cardboard mechanically does the very same factor because the Surveil key phrase (take a look at the highest card of your library, both maintain it on high or put it into your graveyard), Wizards of the Coast determined it match higher to not use ‘Surveil’, and as an alternative restrict the variety of key phrases current in every set. Whereas hardly the largest outrage of the 12 months for Magic the Gathering, there have been a number of discussions concerning the level of keywording phrases like Surveil in the event that they’re then not going for use in future units.

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Regardless of all that, Wizards nonetheless introduced Surveil to one of many Midnight Hunt Commander precon decks, because of an unique card that debuted with the precon. And it is via this card that we’re constructing this week’s deck: Artifact Token Aristocrats with Eloise, Nephalia Sleuth.

Eloise, Nephalia Sleuth

Eloise, Nephalia Sleuth is a 4/4 Human Rogue that prices three generic, one blue and one black. So long as she’s out, at any time when a creature token dies, you examine (create a Clue token that may be sacrificed to attract a card). Everytime you sacrifice a token, you’ll be able to surveil the highest card of your library. Although seeing Surveil come again is thrilling, it’s that first capacity we’re primarily going to be constructing round. Discovering methods to kill and re-kill our personal creatures to make as many token artifacts as we will, after which discovering attention-grabbing methods to complete the board off with them is our aim.


Eloise Ramp

Regardless of having a number of the most disruptive playing cards within the Commander format, Dimir (blue and black) actually struggles with a number of the fundamentals, like ramp.

Primarily, our ramp is coming via mana rocks. Sol Ring and Arcane Signet apart, Talisman of Curiosity and Dimir Signet each assist considerably. A lot of clue tokens doubtlessly additionally imply a number of draw, and so a Thought Vessel is all the time a good suggestion.

One that matches properly into our technique is Burnished Hart. It sacrifices to seek out lands, which then additionally triggers Eloise to make a clue token. With the handful of how we have now on this deck to recurse our lifeless creatures, Burnished Hart doubles up as a helpful sacrifice instrument in addition to repeatable ramp.

There are a couple of momentary mana sources value utilizing, as nicely. Ashnod’s Altar, Soldevi Adnate, Culling the Weak, and Darkish Ritual can present speedy boosts of mana, which, particularly within the early recreation, might help immensely to hurry issues up. As we’ll undergo in a while, Ashnod’s Altar specifically is a key a part of the deck, serving a couple of totally different combos that may win the sport – if you happen to’re solely operating one sacrifice outlet in your Eloise deck, be sure that it is Ashnod’s Altar.


Eloise Draw

Most of our card draw will probably be powered by Eloise’s clue tokens, however that does not imply we will add a couple of extra methods as nicely.

Solemn Simulacrum is a very useful gizmo right here, as we will be sacrificing creatures so much for Eloise’s loss of life set off. Ramp and draw mixed, discovering methods to recurse it’s going to push you forward a lot. Double it up with a Morbid Opportunist from Midnight Hunt, and you can draw a card at any time when a creature dies (however solely as soon as per flip).

Pricey Plunder is an immediate that lets us each sacrifice an artifact or creature (serving to our Eloise engine) and draw two playing cards. Lethal Dispute is even higher, doing the very same whereas additionally making a treasure token on the identical time.

Although not draw, there are a couple of actually helpful methods to arrange our attracts to be nearly as good as potential. A kind of is Contraband Kingpin – at any time when an artifact enters the battlefield underneath your management, you scry one (take a look at the highest card of your library, both maintain it on high or put it onto the underside). With what number of artifact tokens we’re planning to make, it is not unreasonable to suppose we might successfully scry via all the deck a number of instances to seek out the precise piece we’d like subsequent.

Put Eloise To Work

Eloise Death Triggers

To make a number of clue tokens with Eloise, we have to make our personal creatures die. To do this, we’d like a number of creatures to sacrifice.

Poppet Stitcher, Jadar Ghoulcaller of Nephalia, and Crowded Crypt all make 2/2 Zombies with Decayed, a key phrase which means a creature cannot block, and when it assaults, it sacrifices itself on the finish of the flip. You may both swing out with these (mixed with a Grim Hireling for extra treasure tokens) or use the sacrifice retailers we’ll go over shortly for heaps and simple Eloise triggers.

There’s additionally Reassembling Skeleton and Gravecrawler, two creatures you will be forged instantly out of your graveyard. That is the place our first infinite loss of life triggers combo is available in, as a Gravecrawler mixed with Rooftop Storm lets us recast Gravecrawler free of charge as a lot as we wish. Add in an Ashnod’s Altar and its infinite loss of life triggers and infinite colourless mana, which may then be used to sacrifice as lots of the clue tokens as we have to draw into one thing that helps us win.

Subsequent, we’d like methods to sacrifice the creatures we need to kill off for Eloise. The aforementioned Ashnod’s Altar is all the time a sensible choice, as is Viscera Seer to assist us flick via our deck to seek out the precise card we need to draw subsequent. Soldevi Adnate can also be helpful, though she has to faucet to do it which makes her much less efficient.

Make Extra Artifact Tokens

Eloise Artifact Tokens

Eloise is not the one solution to make tokens. And why restrict ourselves to only clues? Any artifact token makes this deck work, so let’s dwell the bourgeoisie life and make extra of every part.

An absolute star of this deck is Academy Manufactor from Trendy Horizons 2. A 3 generic 1/3 Artifact creature, everytime you make a clue, meals, or treasure token, you as an alternative make considered one of every. Meaning for each clue token we make with Eloise, or treasure from Grim Hireling, or any of the opposite myriad methods to make a type of tokens, we make a clue, a treasure, and a meals. Academy Manufactor is such a winner for this deck that there are a couple of methods particularly to tutor for it, equivalent to Trophy Mage, Whir of Invention, Kuldotha Forgemaster, and Tamiyo’s Journal.

We’re additionally going to run Erdwal Illuminator, to double the variety of clue tokens we make the primary time every flip. Throw within the aforementioned Tamiyo’s Journal (which additionally makes a clue token on every of your repairs steps), Path of Proof, Pitiless Plunderer, Spell Swindle, and Verify Suspicions, and we’ll be making a number of artifact tokens each flip.

Time To Win

Eloise Win Conditions

This deck has so much of various methods to win.

The funniest one is through the use of Eloise’s loss of life set off with March of the Machines. March of the Machines is an enchantment that turns all artifacts into artifact creatures with energy and toughness equal to their mana price. As artifact tokens have a mana price of zero, as quickly because it turns into a creature it’s going to die, triggering Eloise to make one other clue token. That token will die, and so forth and so forth… without end. Mix this infinite loss of life loop with one thing like Zulaport Cutthroat, Bastion of Remembrance, Marionette Grasp, Syr Konrad the Grim, Disciple of the Vault, or Blood Artist, which all trigger opponents to lose life at any time when a creature you management dies, and you’ll take out all the desk in a single flip.

Alternatively, we do not even want Eloise to win. Ashnod’s Altar or Viscera Seer, Gravecrawler, and Rooftop Storm with any of the creatures listed simply above will probably be sufficient to win. Merely sacrifice Gravecrawler the Ashnod’s Altar for a loss of life set off, recast it free of charge with Rooftop Storm, and repeat till you’ve got received.

If an infinite loss of life set off drain combo is an excessive amount of to your desk, Rise and Shine is one other pleasant card from Trendy Horizons 2 that may be overloaded to show all your artifacts into 0/0 creatures with 4 +1/+1 counters on them. Should you’ve gotten Eloise and Academy Manufactor to provide sufficient tokens, you possibly can simply smash the board in fight with all your tokens.

Enjoy Riches is all the time a pleasant solution to win, and it feels earned in an Eloise deck that usually solely makes clue tokens. Concentrate on increase the variety of treasure tokens with Academy Manufactor or Grim Hireling, then play Enjoy Riches for a straightforward win in your repairs.

There’s even a solution to mill your opponents out, with Fleeting Reminiscences. Arrange an infinite mana combo with Ashnod’s Altar, Rooftop Storm, and Gravecrawler, after which use the infinite clue tokens with Fleeting Reminiscences to mill an opponent out. This does run the danger of drawing your self out first if it occurs too late within the recreation, however if you happen to can set it up within the early or mid-stages, it is a wholly possible (if janky) method of profitable.

If all else fails, there’s the potential for practically infinite turns right here with Time Sieve. Time Sieve is an artifact that can provide you an additional flip for the worth of tapping it and sacrificing 5 different artifacts. With a sacrifice outlet, Jadar, Erdwal Illuminator, and Academy Manufactor, you possibly can make sufficient artifacts every flip to sacrifice and take one other fairly simply. You’d nonetheless want to seek out different methods to really win, be it via fight or drawing into one of many combos, however infinite turns nearly all the time imply a recreation over both method.

Powering The Deck Down

Eloise Powering Down

Infinite loss of life set off combos may be too sturdy to your Commander playgroup, and so there are a couple of methods to scale the deck again if want be.

First, take out the free sacrifice retailers like Viscera Seer and significantly Ashnod’s Altar. This allows you to nonetheless use issues like Gravecrawler and Reassembling Skeleton, simply with out the instant-speed free sacrifices that make their combos work.

Alternatively, you possibly can take out the tutors and depend on drawing sufficient via Eloise to seek out Academy Manufactor. Take away Vampiric Tutor, Demonic Tutor, Trophy Mage, and Remedy the Equation to assist make the deck much less constant.

For the total deck for Eloise, Nephalia Sleuth, try this deck’s Moxfield web page.

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