I applaud Rihanna for showing off her bump – but I’m also ready to celebrate my ‘bod mom’

These days, whenever a pregnant celebrity goes out, headlines accuse her of “flaunting” her bump. In fact, the women mentioned don’t do anything to seek attention from afar other than venturing out of the house – pregnancy bumps tend to manifest themselves, especially in the third trimester.

Along with that is Rihanna – who, since announcing her pregnancy in New York in January, has broken the mold when it comes to your face-to-face pregnancy fashion. Following in the footsteps of Cardi B and Beyoncé, she ditched the traditional loose tops and skirts and opted to accentuate rather than minimize her new shape. Her outfits must have had editors up and down on the day they wasted the word “flaunting” about a pregnant woman daring to wear a pair of leggings and a t-shirt.

For Rihanna, nothing seemed to matter: black babydoll dress, revealing lingerie, belly chain, leather. The star put on a stylish glove and all we can do is watch in awe. There’s no doubt she looks just as stunning, confident and sexy as her pre-pregnancy days, sending a clear message that pregnancy doesn’t diminish her strength, it makes her a better woman. should be stronger.

I, for one, applaud her. Of all the feats the human body can perform, the development of new life is undoubtedly the most miraculous. Rihanna’s refusal to quietly cover it up emphasizes the fact that a pregnant woman’s body is beautiful.

But I’m watching with interest to see what Rihanna does for the sequel.

I’m not talking about how she coped with the pressure of starting to get back into shape as soon as she gave birth. Or whether she’s been candid about her postpartum belly (I’m pretty sure she’s not the shy, retired type).

I wanted to know if Rihanna could find a way to be sexy and beautiful in her motherly pictures, both in the weeks after pregnancy and beyond.

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Until I gave birth for the first time in 2009, I didn’t realize how long the swelling actually took to go down. I’m not talking about weight gain and its distribution throughout the body, but the fact is that swelling really does occur often after the birth of a baby. It’s not what people talk about. Kate Middleton made the event public in 2013 when she appeared on the steps of St Mary’s Hospital in London after giving birth to baby George, still wearing a maternity dress.

Today, in the public eye, women are even more outspoken and less inclined to assume that women can get their former bodies back after pregnancy. Celebrities like Halsey and Ashley Graham took to Instagram in 2021 to reveal all about postpartum stretch marks and stretch marks. We know that there is no such thing as simply “catching” back into shape.

It’s good to be honest about the amount of money pregnancy puts on our bodies. But I’m ready for the next stage. I’m ready to celebrate my mom, the way everyone celebrates dad. And I really hope that Rihanna can show me how.

Because even if the swelling goes away, most moms find their stomachs never fully recover from the experience. Weight loss is possible, but stretch marks and sagging skin are more stubborn signs of its effects.

It took me a long time to face my body after being pregnant. To accept that, no matter what I do, I will never be the same shape I was before I grew up my kids. I’m lucky to get rid of the stretch marks, but still have a “ghost bump” – a deflated pocket where my kids used to grow up.

Over the years, I have learned to accept my stomach. But I certainly don’t feel proud of it, and I choose to cover it up rather than let it all out. I hope that Rihanna, whose confident and proud personality has served her well so far, doesn’t feel cowed by her new figure after giving birth. I hope she doesn’t feel pressured to dress a certain way and doesn’t let stretch marks or loose skin affect her choice of clothes.

I hope that she doesn’t feel the need to “confess” that she has changed, or reveal her scars as if it were a guilty secret. Instead, I hope she can show me and other moms the ways we can love our bodies and be proud of a postpartum world.

Now that would really be a breakthrough.

https://www.independent.ie/style/celebrity/celebrity-features/i-applaud-rihanna-for-flaunting-her-bump-but-im-also-ready-to-celebrate-my-mom-bod-41456957.html I applaud Rihanna for showing off her bump – but I’m also ready to celebrate my ‘bod mom’

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