‘I asked my date to pay me back after she lied about being a single mother’

A 26-year-old man took to Reddit to ask if it was acceptable to ask for a date to return his money after she lied to him about being a single mother.

A man has shared an opinion online after confessing that he asked his date for his money back after discovering she had lied to him about having children.

The 27-year-old has a strict “no single mom” policy when it comes to dating, as he believes it makes it impossible for you to be spontaneous when planning, as kids always need to be considered.

About four months ago, the man went to his friend’s house to watch some sports, and while he was there, his friend’s girlfriend invited one of her friends – a woman The name is Morgan.

“Morgan and I had an immediate connection. She was really cute and had a good personality so I was very interested. I asked a friend’s girlfriend to arrange it for me and she did. “, he wrote on Reddit’s AITA Forum.

He asked her to return the money


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“I got Morgan’s contact info and we started texting. During the chat I asked her if she had kids and she said no. Perfect, because I don’t date single moms. I used to have issues with this and it’s just not something I feel comfortable doing anymore. I told her this and she said she got it.”

Since then, he and Morgan have dated together five times, and each of them had a really good time and laughed a lot. After his fifth date, the man decided to search Morgan on Facebook to add her as a friend, when he saw the relationship blossoming, but he was shocked when he saw her page.

“She has a child on her profile. I thought maybe it was a grandson. But I kept scrolling and found more pictures. Definitely her baby. So I was there. texted her and asked her if she had kids. She said, ‘why are you asking?’ I told her about Facebook. She then admitted to having kids. She said she didn’t like gender. introduced him until she knew she could trust a guy. And now she trusts me.”

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The man told her it was a “bull” because she knew his stance on dating single mothers, making him feel like she was wasting his time. He kept asking her to send him money for the tickets they bought for an upcoming performance, as he’s spent around £380 ($500) on all of their dates so far. .

“I wouldn’t ask Venmo to ask her for all the dates, because I make good money and don’t feel the need to do it, but I asked Venmo to give her one of the tickets and 38 pounds ($50) for dates, about £77 ($100) in total,” he explains.

“I guess Morgan told my friend’s girlfriend because she texted me, Saying I’m an asshole, but my friend is defending me saying I shouldn’t be cheated on and paying £77 for nothing compared to the hundreds of times I’ve spent on dates. And she still has tickets.”

The man then turned to Reddit to ask if he was really wrong to ask for the money back after Morgan intentionally lied to him about having children.

“I can see asking for tickets to be returned and sold again. The rest I’ll write down and move on. In the future, it’s probably best to just break down the cost by days,” one Reddit user said. offer.

Another added: “She sucks for lying but man just let it go and move on. It’s $100. Not worth trying to get it back, nor is it a pretty look. You was having fun on dates and it didn’t work out. That’s dating in general. Would you ask for your money back if you simply don’t see the two of you getting along?”

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