‘I billed my brother £150 after he refused to pick up his son on time’

One woman was furious after her brother expected her to cancel her work commitment to look after his two children – so she billed him £150 for the money. tangled

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The woman was angry at her brother for expecting her to cancel her plans (stock image)

Babysitting fees can be expensive, so for many people parents Finding someone to take care of the children when they are out of the house, having family members willing to do it for free is an absolute lifesaver.

But a woman on Reddit has insisted she will never take care of her niece and nephew again after her brother took advantage of her kindness and tried to get her to take care of him. kids longer than they agreed to.

Share her story anonymouslyThe woman explained that her brother had been away for a few days while taking his wife on an appointment and had asked his sister to take care of their 5-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter.

The woman, 23, agreed but told her brother she was only available on Mondays and Tuesdays, and wouldn’t be able to take care of them on Wednesdays because of work commitments – so they needed to return home on Tuesday night.

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And even though the arrangement was already in place, her brother called her at 8 p.m. Tuesday to say he and his wife hadn’t even left to start driving home and asked the woman if she could extend her babysitting duties until Wednesday.

She wrote: “I have a nephew and niece. My brother called last week and asked me to take them away for two days because he and my sister-in-law had a doctor’s appointment overseas.

“I agree, but warn them that I can only watch the kids on Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesday I have a bunch of important meetings and I’ll be glued to my laptop for a lot of time. Now, can’t check on the kids. He said he ‘gets it’.

“Well, around 8pm on Tuesday, my brother called and asked me to keep them for another day because they’ve been put on hold and haven’t even started driving again.

“I’m annoyed because if I had been notified earlier, I would probably have postponed most of my meetings or even been sick. However, no one was at work at 8pm and I saw same-day cancellation without good reason.

“I told him to come pick up his children and he was very defensive and rude, calling me unsupportive. Just to be clear, they went to caesarean my sister-in-law, not a medical emergency. really.”

“He called our mother but she was already in bed and he had the audacity to tell me to drive almost two hours to her house, wake her up and make her take the kids. I say no, we fought more with my sister.” -in-law also gave her two cents before they hung up, and stopped taking until the next day. “

With no other choice, the woman called to hire a last-minute babysitter – who charged $200 (£150) for the service.

The woman then passed the bill to her brother, but he was unimpressed and refused to pay.

She added: “Thankfully, I found a good babysitter the next day, but since it was last minute, I paid $200 in a few hours. Still angry, I just transitioned. application for my brother, expect him to pay.

“My sister-in-law called and yelled that she called me irresponsible, and said how dare I leave her baby with a stranger. I was still working and hung up on her and just moved So did the bill to her.

“An hour later, my mom showed up at my house and took the kids. Now my brother still won’t pay and my mom says I’m petty. She said everything happened and I was wrong. when not consulting them before hiring a babysitter for a lot of money.”

Those who commented on the post largely sided with the woman, with many of them telling her they were not her children, so “not her responsibility”.

One said: “Your brother needs to take responsibility for his family, not just blame them on you. Maybe they will think more carefully about abusing your kindness in the future.”

While another added: “It’s not your kids, it’s not your responsibility. Your brother and sister-in-law know what your kid’s viewing schedule is. It would be bad if something were to happen and they need their child to follow up for a while – but again, that’s their problem, not yours.”

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