‘I billed my cousin for my son’s birthday cake after her unruly kid ruined it’

A mother feels she has no choice but to charge her own cousin for her son’s birthday cake, after her son threw a tantrum and ruined it during a meal. party with family.

Boy (7-9) blowing out candles on birthday cake with parents
They invited the whole family to the occasion

ONE mom was very angry after her five-year-old son birthday party was ruined when her cousin’s boy caused a huge tantrum and broke the cake because he wasn’t allowed to blow out the candles.

The mother was so excited about the party as her son hadn’t been able to celebrate his birthday since he turned two years old before the pandemic, when he was too young to remember anything, so they invited the whole family. participate together.

“One of my cousins, a single mother, has a very unruly six-year-old. It’s loud, disobedient, and a nightmare in public. When it’s time to blow out the candles and cut the birthday cake, it came and stood right next to my son,” she wrote on Reddit’s AITA Forum.

“I anticipate what will happen next and ask my husband to get behind this kid in case he tries to pull anything.”

Five-year-old boy has never celebrated a birthday that he can remember


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As they sang happy birthday, the six-year-old repeatedly tried to blow out the candles, but luckily, her husband hugged her and blocked her from getting near the cake.

“In the end my son blew out the candle and the kid completely lost it. He went into a rage and slammed his arm against the cake, knocking it down on the table,” the mother continued.

“It was awkward, everyone was gasping and silent. My son looked up at us and I could tell he was about to start crying. In an effort not to cause a bigger scene, my husband. held him and whispered to him that we had another special cake just for him (we didn’t) and he seemed to have calmed down.”

Meanwhile, the six-year-old boy was still screaming during the match with the cake covered completely but his mother was nowhere to be seen.

The cake was completely broken


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“I took him to the sink and washed him and quietly told him he shouldn’t have done that to the cake and that he should apologize to his cousin for what he did. He shouted ‘NO! in my face and then ran away,” the mother wrote.

“Finally, my husband ran out to buy a cream cake that we cut and served to everyone. I talked to my cousin after the party about what happened when she didn’t. was in the room, and she brushed it off and said ‘you will. children.’ I totally disagree. I’ve been to a lot of birthday parties where other kids let the birthday boy/girl have their moment.”

The mother suggested that her cousin pay for the broken cake, and her cousin in turn looked at her “as if she were crazy.” She reminds her cousin how important the party is to her son, since he was never big enough to remember his birthday, and points out that all he remembers now is My cousin completely ruined the day.

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“She was extremely defensive and refused to pay anything. Then she accused me of acting like ‘a perfect mother’ and started listing ways that I really am NOT perfect. was a hurtful conversation and we haven’t talked since,” she continued.

“I sent her the bill for the broken cake and she hasn’t paid us yet. I really feel she should pay for both cakes because her baby is the reason we had to. bought a new cake, but i didn’t go that far my husband thinks she will never pay us and that i should drop the matter at this point

“He said that since she’s a single mother it was probably hard for her and that we should cut our slack. I understand that, but I feel the same way just for her. and her son lost interest and this will lead to even bigger problems in the future if we don’t hold them accountable.”

The mother then turned to Reddit to ask if she was overreacting about the cake or if it was justifiable to expect her cousin to pay for the damage.

“You will never get your money, but I think you are correct. The child is a fool because the parents are a fool. No more inviting them to any parties and enjoy the family. directly because they look cute,” suggested one Reddit user.

Another added: “Your husband is partly right. The mother will never pay that bill. In the future, you just don’t invite them. If the mother asks why, you tell her because of her. He doesn’t seem to be able to control his child.”

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