I came in for a filling and ended up with hot dog lips that are 20 TIMES their usual size

IF you’ve been using fillers for a while, you know exactly how easy it is to forget your look without it.

When Daniella Bolton booked an appointment with her local esthetician last month, the 24-year-old planned to inject 0.5ml of filler into her lips.

Daniella decided to dissolve her lip fillers last month


Daniella decided to get lip fillers last monthCredit: Kennedy News
She calculates that her lips have swelled up to 20 TIMES their normal size


She calculates that her lips have swelled up to 20 TIMES their normal sizeCredit: Kennedy News

But as her date turns around, Daniella decides to go back to the basics and erase it all so she can start over at a later date.

Before the esthetician injected the enzyme into her lips, she performed a patch test on Daniella to check that she wouldn’t react to hyaluronidase – an enzyme that can dissolve fillers.

She explained: “My skin is a bit red but I have very sensitive skin anyway so I didn’t think about it.

“I’ve had injections in my lips. They do get bigger pretty quickly but obviously when you melt the lips they’ll be pretty big too. Though I’m not sure they’ll be as big as what I did!”


The esthetician told Daniella that her lip swelling should be gone within an hour or so.

But after she left the salon, Daniella claims they started getting bigger with each passing minute – until they became 20 TIMES their normal size.

She said: “My reaction was horrible. They looked like hot dogs lips.

“I don’t know if I am exaggerating but I would say they are about 20 times their normal size.

“It was scary. I was shocked because I’ve never seen my lips so big before.”

Naturally, the first thing Daniella did when she got home to Edinbrugh was call her esthetician.

She said: “I sent her a message on Instagram and she called me right away asking if I was feeling all right and if I was starting to have a hard time getting to A&E because it was obvious that was the time. something is not right.

“My lips were huge and I was also starting to feel a bit unwell. I was quite hot and I explained it to the doctors.”

After running to the hospital, Daniella was given eight steroid pills that reduced swelling within half an hour.

Symptoms of anaphylaxis

Think you know what an anaphylactic shock looks like? It can be a lot more subtle than you think.

Early symptoms may include:

  • Sneezing
  • Tingling sensation of lips, tongue and throat
  • Feeling unwell and dizzy
  • Swelling
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Itchy rash
  • swelling of the face, throat, or skin)
  • Acute abdominal pain
  • Eczema exacerbation
  • Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis tends to come on suddenly and get worse very quickly.

Symptoms include:

  • Feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or fainting
  • Rapid or shallow breathing
  • Wheeze
  • Fast heart beat
  • Rough skin
  • Confusion and anxiety
  • Collapse or loss of consciousness

Daniella said: ‘That evening I was supposed to have a night of work but then I couldn’t go because of my reaction so I had to cancel my Friday night plan, which was a bit of a stretch. annoying, but at least I’m fine Main problem.

“I’ve only seen it happen once before and never really heard of it. It’s not really what’s being talked about and obviously it can be quite dangerous as well.

“It can be really serious and I’m pretty lucky my throat doesn’t close or anything because I know it can happen after reading it.

“It’s just to make people aware that these reactions can happen and just because you get a patch test doesn’t mean it’s 100% going to be okay.”

She rushed to the hospital after that


She rushed to the hospital after thatCredit: Kennedy News
She hopes to start over by melting her fillers


She hopes to start over by melting her fillersCredit: Kennedy News

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I went in for a drink right after my lip filler injection and it was the worst thing I have ever done, my lips went back in size and it was horribly painful

https://www.thesun.ie/fabulous/8181868/woman-sausage-lips-filler-reaction/ I came in for a filling and ended up with hot dog lips that are 20 TIMES their usual size

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