I Can’t Stop Thinking About How Genius These 41 Products Are

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An ingenious two-sided travel cup

Check it out on TikTok here!

Promising review: “You NEED this. This product is AMAZING. When I run errands, I hate bringing both a water bottle and coffee tumbler. This product solves that issue. I ran it through my dishwasher to clean it, and the plastic didn’t morph at all. 10/10 recommend!” — Megan Huffman

A set of reusable can lids for transforming your cans into bottled drinks

The lids are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

Promising review: “I absolutely LOVE these can lids! For years I have wasted soda. In the relentless Texas heat, I would grab an ice cold soda, drink about half to either have it warm up or insects get inside of it. Then I didn’t want to finish the second half of the can. If a fly landed on the top, I had to toss it in the trash. If I put the warm can back in the refrigerator, it would not be fresh and bubbly when I went back for it. Now, I don’t have to worry about the bugs or the carbonation! These caps also make taking my soda with me in the car a lot more convenient. Excellent idea!” — Michelle S.

A security-boosting blackout stamp roller to cover up your sensitive information

Check it out on TikTok here!

Each swipe can cover about three lines of text, making it impossible to read from the front or back. Each roller gives up to 1,000 impressions. When it’s finally time for a refill, you can purchase extra cartridges here.

Promising review: “I read a lot of mixed reviews of other rollers before deciding on this one. Some people mentioned the small size as a problem, but for me it’s a plus. I don’t have room for a big gadget. I was also put off by rollers that spread the word CONFIDENTIAL, drawing attention to what you’re trying to hide. This one uses a pattern of letters that leaves an unintelligible black thicket of lines. I use it every day, and while it still has plenty of ink, I’m glad it is refillable. Highly recommended! Now I can recycle things I used to have to shred and discard.” — rainforest


An ingenious pair of gardening gloves with claws at the end to make digging into soil one thousand times easier

Promising reviews: “I laughed when I first saw the picture of this item. I thought, well if they don’t work I’ll use them for a costume. But they are amazing at pulling weeds. I use mine for those pesky weeds in the rocks. One pull and you get root and all.” — cynthia Williams

“I was skeptical about how well these are made. I stand corrected. These are well made and will stand up to years of gardening fun. Besides, even if you never actually dig any dirt with them, they are well worth the exclamations of ‘what the heck are THOSE?” from everyone.'” — Regmanabq

And a padded kneeler to protect your knees while you tend to your garden

PS: you can also use the side legs to help you stand back up when you’re done kneeling!

Promising reviews: “This is perfect for when you need to pull weeds, plant or clean up flowerbeds, or pick berries. as We are seniors and it helps us get up off the ground. If we didn’t have this, we would be setting on the ground until one of us could pull the other up. It is the best item we have ever bought.” — CSD

“I’m 70 and have a passion for gardening. Much to my dismay I found when I got down to weed I couldn’t get back up again. This bench tool has made my weeding days enjoyable again…got another 10 years in me!” — RC Miller

A sturdy, lightweight eight-compartment pill organizer

Promising review: “LOVE THESE! They are perfect in every way. It’s the pill organizer box I didn’t know I needed. They are durable, easy to use, and waterproof! The compartments are a good size and it fits nicely into my bag. I am going on a five-week trip and need to take six different prescription meds and supplements with me. I’m happy to say that I will be well organized with these pill boxes.” — Amazon customer

Bra extenders to add inches of length to your band

Promising review:Bought these for my pregnancy based on a tip from a recently pregnant friend. Total game-changer. Only had to buy a new sized bra once, and then used these for the rest of my pregnancy, as my cup size didn’t change any more but omg my ribcage just kept on expanding and expanding to accommodate baby. IMO, these make wearing a regular bra possible during those body-changing portions of pregnancy, saving me money in the long run. Additionally, they work as expected…they clip onto the original spacers easily, they match up with the original hooks really well, and they are very comfortable and easy to use. Best money I’ve ever spent on Amazon. Buy them, you won’t regret it.” — Queen Bee

A pair of detergent cap trays catch the drips from your various laundry soaps

Tidy-Cup is a woman-owned and family-owned small business founded by Julie Reinhold, who was tired of economy-sized detergent containers dripping all over her laundry room. Her ingenious little drip catchers are made in the USA and can easily be cleaned by rinsing with warm water.

Promising review: “I had no idea I needed this until I saw it on TikTok. Listen, it’s the little things that matter. This little thing saves me the headache of a laundry room mess. I love it. Fits perfectly on my liquid detergent. No more messes!” — Christina

A popular long-lasting eyeliner stamp

One side is the curved wing stamp, and the other is a regular fine tip liner for defining the rest of the eye. It comes in a pack of two, one for each eye.

Promising review: “Got this before a trip I took a few days ago. I have never been able to do wing eyeliner properly so I was excited to try this. It’s very pigmented and goes on beautifully! I’ve tried other liquid eyeliners before and they were so watery and not close to a dark black I wanted at all but this product was great. I did my makeup and put this eyeliner on at 9 a.m., traveled two hours, walked around a city for about three hours and it was warm so I was sweating, and then went to an NBA game. After all that time (about 16 hours!), the eyeliner was just as perfect as I had put it on! I love this product and can’t wait to use it more often!” — Elizabeth

A Shark Tank–approved pair of weighted bangles you can wear on your wrists or ankles

Former BuzzFeed Shopping writer Brittany Ross has these: “I got the 2-pound weights as a Christmas gift, and as someone who is not the most enthusiastic when it comes to most forms of exercise, I think these are a great option if you want to get a little more out of even a simple walk around the block. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing with their pretty colors and matte finish, but they’re also quite comfortable, given that they’re adding extra resistance to your movements. I highly recommend if you want to make things a little more challenging for yourself while feeling good about wearing them in public. I got several compliments on them while I was out and about!”

Promising review: “I fell in love with the color selection and decided to give them a shot. They’re one of my favorite purchases to date, because I use these ALL. THE. TIME. When I’m cleaning, organizing, or doing little chores around the house, I slip these on for subtle extra resistance, and when I’m doing bodyweight workouts, I have them on. They are so comfortable, and I can tell they’ve been helping me. I can’t recommend them enough Ashley

A stainless steel keychain car escape tool

Promising review: “This little tool is amazing. Pull it from its holster and you can immediately sever a seatbelt with one swipe. More importantly, the spring loaded punch focuses all released energy to a single point of contact. Press the black plunger to any window and apply firm pressure. The release will crystalize the window, allowing for rapid entry or escape. A real need to have on every keychain that one day may save your life.” — Thwack


Plus, some traction mats for helping your car get unstuck fast if you’re ever trapped

Promising review: “If you’re on the fence, just do it. They are half the price of MaxTrax and just as good. I haven’t used them as a bridge, but they literally saved mine and my wife’s lives in a recent Colorado blizzard on a horrible mountain pass. Good tires and 4LO couldn’t get me up the 12% grade in about 1 foot of fresh snow on top of 1-2 inches of ice, and we were just sliding sideways toward the literal cliff. We got these babies out, wedged them against the front and rear opposite corners and it got us out of the terrible situation and back home.” — Tony

A set of four Apple AirTag tracker tiles

Promising review: “We have had our vehicles stolen a couple times from our apartment building. Woke up one day to go to work, and the truck and trailer were gone. Called the cops who couldn’t do much at the time. We hopped in our family vehicle and followed where the AirTag said it was located. After about an hour, we tracked down and recovered all our stuff. We would have never found anything without these.” — Kimberly Bishop

A pack of reusable K-cups that’ll save you money

Promising review: “As I disposed my spent K-cup coffee cartridge several times daily, I began to realize that the world was trashing hundreds of millions of these things daily. I could cut down my plastics consumption and save some money by using a refillable K-cup filter. I have tried several filters that did not produce a decent tasting cup. With this, my coffee tastes as full-bodied as it does from a K-cup or drip-style coffee maker. I like the design of this cup having a bottom screen and a domed lid which distributes the water, and the tiny O ring in the lid ensures all the water is expressed through the filter. Only takes a few seconds to fill the cup and it washes out as easily. This is the one for me.” — Amazon customer

Miracle-Gro food spikes reviewers say work miracles to keep plants alive no matter what

Promising review: “I am not a gardener and don’t have a lot of luck with plants. That said, these spikes are amazing. You can see the difference in weeks. This is the best indoor plant product I have ever used, mainly because it is so darn easy. I definitely recommend these plant spikes.” — V. Kline

A pet umbrella that’ll keep your sweet pooch dry during wet spells

The pet umbrella is a full leash on its own! It works best for smaller dogs.

Promising review: “This is an amazing item! My dog hates the rain and doesn’t like anything hovering over him. Because of the panels being clear he doesn’t realize there is something covering him. He just knows he is staying dry.” — Njoi Bronx

An anti-soggy cereal bowl with divided sections for cereal and milk

Promising review: “This product is something I didn’t know I needed. It’s like the creator crawled into my soul and found the deepest desire of my heart and then invented it. If you think I’m being dramatic, you should try soggy cereal and then eat cereal from THIS bowl. I’ll take 30 more, please, and hand them out as gifts.” — Sarah F.


A truly awesome end table with charging outlets that’ll take care of all your needs

This is basically the nightstand of my dreams. For context, I’ve held off for a long time on furniture with charging capabilities. I figured plain-old side tables would be more than satisfactory since I already had outlets in the wall and I didn’t really need anything fancy, right? One week into owning this outlet-equipped table, and I can say that I was emphatically wrong. TBH I’d probably be more embarrassed about my huge about-face if I didn’t love this thing so damn much. No more hanging off my bed like a bat to keep my phone plugged into an outlet across the room, and STILL having the charger unplug from the outlet because it’s been pulled too taut. No more having to choose which device I can use from my bed while charging, because the outlet would only accommodate one at a time. And, no more dealing with the eyesore of overlapping cables criss-crossing on my nightstand. This wonder nightstand contains grooves on its sides so the top of the table can close fully without pinching the cables, hiding the sight of messy cords (and tucking away any private items you want to keep close by but not in sight).

There’s tons of room on the top and bottom shelves to keep all your bedside items close, a delight for me since I like my bedside tables to hold a LOT so I have everything I need to chill before bed and in case I need ANYTHING in the middle of the night, lol. The fabric organizer is also an unexpectedly nice touch (no more misplacing my remote). Basically, I’m obsessed with this thing and I don’t even want to think about a time when I didn’t have it. I also think this is an amazing deal given that end tables half this size with no outlets often cost way more than this does. I’m already thinking about getting another one.

A self-aerating, self-watering pot to prevent

Promising review: “Compared to so many other plant pots online, these are an absolute bargain. However the price is only half the story; these pots are extremely well-designed for indoor use. They have a bottom ‘saucer’ that can actually hold an extra inch or two of runoff. The main pot has 4 hollow legs that snap into the bottom part and has drainage holes both on the bottom of the main pot and on the legs. The other thing that sets these pots apart from all of the competitors is the tab that snaps onto the bottom saucer, allowing you to water the plant from the bottom up once the roots have fully colonized the pot. I haven’t seen anything like this in the 20+ years I’ve been growing all kinds of plants and cactus. Instead of running water from the top and losing the nutrients and minerals in the soil to runoff, you can water from below via the tab and let the hollow legs with the furthest roots suck the water up into the soil. I’m used to putting a pot into a large and wide bowl and watering from the bowl, but even then you end up losing a lot of nutrients once you pull the pot out. It’s wild to me how expensive anything other than the cheapest, junk bulk pots are, so the affordability of these is a huge relief. I will certainly be buying more. — Dave

A tear-proof screen if your cat is basically an Olympic acrobat

TBH, the reviewer photos speak for themselves.

Promising review: “Our delightful kitty, Skittles, will not be contained by ordinary window screens. She’s shredded four of them that blocked her favorite escape routes. In about a minute, she can make a cat-sized hole and she’s outta here. It’s been a nightmare here in South Florida. We can’t open our windows on hot nights because every flying and crawling critter comes right in through the giant holes in the screens. In desperation, I bought this to see if it would help. I installed the Pet D-Fence screening about a month ago. Little Skittles has made a couple of runs at it, but so far, it’s completely unscathed. I have a good feeling about this. The Pet D-Fence screening is slightly more opaque than regular screening, but that means nothing to me because regular screening won’t survive one night. So far, I’m very happy!” — verygooddog

A sheet of door-dampening bumper pads to get rid of the annoying sounds

These come with an adhesive back so you can simply peel them off the sheet and stick them on your cabinets.

Promising reviews: “Work just as promised. My husband always slams the cabinet doors. It’s been really bothering me and prompted me to find a solution without reinstalling new hinges. These little pads have reduced the noise by 95%. Love it! Worth every penny. Took me a whole 10 minutes to do my entire kitchen and we have a lot of cabinets. Thank you!” — MeL

“Didn’t know I needed the silence until I installed these things that my husband purchased. Our kitchen is so quiet now, absolutely amazing and simple fix.” — Chris

Abby Kass / BuzzFeed

The ingenious 10-inch ceramic, non-stick Always Pan

I’m an inexperienced cook, and I’ve been wanting to improve at cooking and baking, but have honestly found it pretty intimidating. There are so many different pieces of cookware, all used for different things; I didn’t even know where to start. The Always Pan is a godsend for folks like me. It can literally go in an oven, so I made banana bread for the first time in it (pictured on the right). It’s deep enough to boil pasta, and shallow enough to serve as a sauce pan. I’m so excited to steam dumplings in it and use it to make brownies. Plus, the non-stick feature makes cleaning up so easy and quick. This is an amazing, versatile piece and it’s absolutely worth the money for me — and it’ll probably put the rest of your pots and pans fully out of business.

Even more BuzzFeeders LOVE this! Check out our full Always Pan review.

A post-blemish rescue balm for those times when you pop that pimple

Promising review:Whoever made this needs a raise. I wish I could slather my whole face with it. I’ve had acne for like 10 years (no joke) and recently had a terrible hormonal breakout and this really helped. I know when products work and when it does and this works. PLEASE for the love of gawd try it.” — Sarah L.

Hero Cosmetics is an Asian woman-founded brand and home of the popular Mighty Patch and more. Ju Rhyu launched the brand in 2017, and it’s since evolved with products such as cleansers, toners, nose strip Mighty Patches, and more!

A brown sugar saver

Promising review: “Had a large amount of brown sugar and couldn’t keep it soft, even in a tight container. I purchased new 5-quart jars for my flour, sugar, and so forth, and quickly realized my brown sugar was a ROCK! I purchased this, soaked it, and placed it in the sugar as instructed. Within hours it was soft again! I have about 2 pounds of sugar in the 5-quart jar currently. The jar is sealed with a gasket but I haven’t had to re-soak the bear yet (only a month in use currently). Would recommend to anyone at this point, just mad I have wasted so much brown sugar over the years. I have not used it for any of the other uses, like cookies or bread, but will probably purchase more in the future since this little bear is dedicated to my brown sugar.” — diosa


Some lightweight odor eliminators so your fave walking shoes will stay fresh

The charcoal bag has no smell and absorbs excess moisture to prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from forming on your clothes and in your bag. You can use them for up to two years, but you should put them outside in the sun for an hour once a month so they can ~rejuvenate~.

Promising review: “I was skeptical this would work but boy howdy this is amazing! I never took my shoes off at people’s houses because my feet sweat and stink. These took the odor out of not only newish shoes, but ones I’ve been wearing for years! It’s amazing and I’m buying more.” — Ashley Patrick

A practical robotic vacuum with nearly 45,000 5-star ratings

It comes with a remote you can use to control it as it works.

Promising review: “He is my natural-born son and I would cry hot tears of sorrow if anything were to ever happen to him. Ok, so histrionics aside, I really really love this guy. This has been one of the best purchases I have made this year (if not ever) and I truly do think of it as an investment in myself and my mental health. I am lazy and hate vacuuming. But this guy? This little guy will just lightly whizz around the house over and over again, sometimes lightly bumping into things, sometimes jetting off into another room…just slowly but surely gathering up all the random dust, hair and other detritus that you don’t even know about and might not be able to get to with a traditional vacuum. My life is so much more at ease knowing I can clean without lifting so much as a finger.” — Jules


And a robotic mop since I’m pretty sure the only thing worse than vacuuming is mopping

It’s also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant devices for voice control.

Promising review: “I was a little price-leery on this but I’ve just been struggling to mop as much as I need to. I have three cats and I already have a regular vacuum robot that is amazing, but the idea of a mopping robot seemed different, like it wouldn’t be helpful. Then after falling behind on cleaning we finally decided to splurge and buy one and omg — it’s amazing. I should have given in a long time ago. My floors are so much cleaner because of this little mop robot.” — Christina H.

A dishwasher magnet to finally stop the perpetual guessing game

Promising review: “I am sure that I have washed, washed and washed again dishes that were already clean (along with dirty dishes of course). The dishwasher is not always emptied immediately after running a cycle and because of that, my family has VERY often mixed dirty with clean, and vice versa. We needed to find a way to ‘remember’ and this was a great solution. So glad to have this sticking on my dishwasher.” —T. W. Barton

An adhesive garbage guard for getting rid of the flies and maggots circling your outdoor garbage

This product is designed for use in outdoor or garage trash bins and dumpsters. Do not use in areas where people or pets will be for an extended period of time.

Promising review: “It’s what everyone says; perfect. I live on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi — hot, humid, and plenty of moisture in the air. My garage, where my trash cans are kept, opens to a large wooded area. Lots of flies. Regardless of washing them out weekly, using bags with ties, or making sure to rinse meat packages and such, my trash cans were fly heaven and laden with maggots around trash time. Well, I stuck these where everyone said to, underneath the lid. In less than TWO days there were no flies or maggots. NONE!! Now, you might open the lid and have one flying around, but he won’t last long. Seriously, this stuff works better than described.” — ztennyson

A reusable smart-notebook

You’ll save money from not buying tons of different notebooks, and it’ll help the environment by using a sustainable tech option instead of paper. Each notebook comes with a microfiber cloth and one black Pilot FriXion erasable pen — though these colored erasable pens also come highly recommended.

Promising review: “I love this notebook. It was gifted to me and I immediately bought it as a gift for two other people. It is so easy to use and has every feature you need! If you’re like me and prefer to handwrite your notes and want an easy way to transfer them to a digital form, this is for you. I use this for work and school. Great to use for online math homework. It has the capability to text search your handwritten notes so everything I save is easy to find. You can send PDFs to almost anything — email, Dropbox, Google Drive, text, iCloud, etc. (The app is free and very intuitive). Plus, this means I don’t have to buy new notebooks anymore because I can reuse every page in my Rocketbook (of which there are more than enough to take notes through a whole class or meeting without running out of space). So, not only do I save money, I also save a TON of paper.” — Madison MacLeod


A pair of long-distance connection bracelets that use Bluetooth to “buzz” the other wearer’s bracelet

You can also choose to make their bracelet light up a certain color, so you can make your own color codes, where blue could be “I miss you,” pink might be “something just reminded me of you,” purple could be “I love you,” etc.

Promising reviews: “My love is being deployed across seas to Kuwait for the Army and we both know that there aren’t going to be too many times where we are able to chat on the phone or Skype/FaceTime each other with the time change and her schedule over there. I wanted to find something that would keep us close even though we are going to be so far away. These are so awesome. The touches are vibrant and every time I receive one from her, a huge smile comes across my face. It’s a simple, yet amazing way to let your significant other know that you’re thinking about them. You don’t need Wi-Fi, just a Bluetooth connection to your phone. Thank you, Bond, for keeping us close. PS: Our 15-month-old loves feeling the touches and loves sending his mom touches as well.” — Letzgetweird93

“When I first got this, I really didn’t think I’d be SUPER into using it (my partner and I are on the phone majority of the day anyways), but it’s become a VERY essential staple in our relationship. It also comes in handy for when he can’t get to the phone, but still wants me to know he’s thinking of me (and vice versa), and when an important text was sent and needs a little reminder (we have a code for “check your phone”)…or when we’ve arrived somewhere…it’s super useful and BEYOND cute. I feel the buzzes and see the light patterns throughout the day and it just makes me feel as close as possible when far away. Battery lasts incredibly long, it’s comfortable, works well. Yes, the app has to stay in the background on your phone, but it’s worth it imo.” — Celina Di Amore

Bond Touch is a San Francisco-based small biz that makes innovative, high-tech jewelry that keeps you connected with your loved ones.

A 50-count set of laundry soap sheets so you can easily wash your clothes while traveling

These work best with hand-washing!

Promising review: “This came SO in handy during my vacation to Europe! I was making lots of different stops to places with different types of weather. With these laundry soap sheets I was able to wash my clothes in the sink — letting me pack just the right amount of clothes for all the different places I went.” — Katie Fujarski

A clever plush elephant backpack to protect the back of your baby’s head and neck

Promising review: “This has saved my baby from hitting his head in the floor so many times. He is so determined to walk and even when we are holding his hand or walking with him, he can get wild and go down (parents out there, you know what I mean!). Anyway, this is probably the MVP of all our baby stuff. We call it his ‘backpack’ and anytime someone is watching him, every always asks, ‘where’s his backpack???’ because they know its powers of padding protection. This sort of helped him when he was learning to sit, but has been an essential item for him as he’s learning to walk! Only thing I wish is that the strap across the chest could be tighter.” — Michelle H. Nguyen

An intuitive outlet timer to free you from worrying about whether you turned everything off

Check out the outlet timer in action on TikTok!

Promising review: “I read on the news about an air fryer bursting into flames while it was off. The house almost burned down but the daughter saw it and alerted them. Still there was some damage to their kitchen. Although this is probably really unlikely, I thought we needed something to prevent this so I found this device. Basically all my kitchen appliances are hooked up to this device. When I want to use it, I just hit the 1 hour button, etc. I also purchased a voltage detector to make 100% sure this device was working and it is. When this thing is off, there is no electricity running through it at all, it is dead completely. So I feel pretty confident it can be used to make sure those appliances are not getting any power.

It’s surprisingly compact, which is great. You can still fit something else on the other socket for an outlet. It isn’t bulky and the button press very nicely with a nice clicking sound and feel. I’m so glad this sort of thing exists. Prior to this I had to unplug everything, and that is dangerous in its own right as you have the power cable exposed to possible water splashing. Overall excellent product for my use, couldn’t have asked for anything better.” — CMA

A plush microfiber makeup-removing cloth that’s a great alternative to the infamous Makeup Eraser

Promising review: “Okay, so I know there’s a ton of reviews for how amazing this thing is, and I really thought it was going to be super overhyped. But seriously — THIS THING IS AMAZING! Usually, I have to really scrub to get my mascara off, and I’ll typically lose an eyelash or two in the process, but I wet this down and wiped my face once, and everything was off my face and on the towel. And I mean wipe, there was no scrubbing. I literally did a quick wipe expecting it to be just an initial pass, then looked up into the mirror and was like, holy hell, I think it’s all off. I’m in total shock. I have literally never once had a cream, oil, cloth, or otherwise that so effortlessly wiped off my mascara before. There’s got to be some magic going on here…my face thanks you.” —anonymous

Litter Robot

A splurge-worthy Litter Robot here to make your life approximately one thousand times easier

BuzzFeed Shopping editor Jenae Sitzes owns this and loves it: “When my mom first told me about this $500 automatic litter box she’d read about somewhere, my eyes just about popped out of my head thinking about spending that much on a thing that my cats poop in. But after thinking about it some more, I realized it’s actually a pretty reasonable investment since I plan on owning cats forever but shamefully hate cleaning out their litter boxes as often as they really should be.

I’ve been using the Litter Robot myself for over a year now, and I’m pretty sure both me and my two cats are way happier for it. After a cat is done using it, the Litter Robot waits a set amount of time until the cat’s presence is no longer detected, then begins to rotate, collecting the waste into a bag at the bottom while retaining the clean litter in the barrel. I usually don’t detect a smell from it afterward, though once the bag starts to get really full, you might get a subtle reminder that you need to take it out. I only have to take out that bag about once a week, and a flashing light will let you know when it’s full.

“Initially, the cats were a little spooked by the sound of the Litter Robot during a cycle, and for the first few weeks, they would just sit and stare at it, as if it would get up and run at them if they took their eyes off it. At this point, though, they’ve completely adjusted and accepted it as their way of life, making my life a heck of a lot easier while ensuring they always have a clean bed of litter. It’s a pricey purchase, to be sure, but if cleaning out the litter box daily or even every other day is hard for you and you’d rather not think about it much at all, I say the Litter Robot is worth it. One thing to note: It’s quite large, so make sure you have a dedicated space for it.”

A handmade one-of-a-kind hand-warming mug sporting an ergonomic pocket

Promising reviews: “This is like sending your friend a hug every time they use it. I bought this to replace wifey’s favorite mug that broke. It’s just right. It feels so good when you hold it. The colors are warm and shade beautifully into each other, giving a pleasing subtle grading effect. Washing it is a bit weird, as the cup is also shaped differently inside, but it’s easy to wash up since there are no hidden areas. This is her new favorite mug, hit it out of the park with its beautiful design. Bit pricey, but y’know, when it’s perfect you accept that.” —kevin

“This coffee cup is amazing. This was a ‘took a chance’ gift for my coffee obsessed partner (who has 25 cups). She LOVES it. More then any of her other coffee cups. This is the only one she uses!! When my sister saw it she loved it too so now it’s her birthday gift. Exactly how it looks, durable, dishwasher-safe. Totally recommend.” —Kristen


A comfy, ergonomic Trtl neck pillow that won’t take up any extra space in your carry-on luggage

It also easily attaches to backpacks and luggage handles (see the photo on the right), weighs less than half a pound, and is machine-washable!

Promising review: “I can’t stop recommending this pillow to all of my friends! It has let me comfortably sleep on flights that take place on the most uncomfortable airplane seats. On long flights, I always need to prop up my hand and I rest my head on it. But this method always ends with my arm falling asleep and I end up waking up every 30 minutes. Now this pillow provides that exact same support without needing my arms to prop me up! It’s small enough to fit in your bag and doesn’t take up much space.” —Simona Krifman


A towel warmer

It fits about two towels (or even a towel and a robe or other fabric items) and has a 15-minute adjustable timer.

Promising review:I bought one for myself, then bought several others as presents because it’s so nice. It’s fairly small and easy to find space for even in a small bathroom but is also big enough to hold two large towels at a time. There are a few small things to watch for: occasionally the on button takes a bit of finagling to work; it takes about eight minutes to hit ‘maximum’ towel warmth; if the lid is askew/not fully on the towel loses a lot of heat; there’s a bit of a plastic odor that goes away after the first few uses. But if you’re aware of those things, it’ssuper luxurious and worth every penny, having a super-warm towel waiting for you counters all the misery of having to leave the shower in the winter. It also makes a great present, it’s the kind of luxury item people don’t normally think to get for themselves but makes life so much better. Anybody who says you can’t buy happiness obviously hasn’t bought a towel warmer.” — Heather


A Wallet Ninja with 18 different functions (!) that’s small enough to fit in your pocket

The card includes an eyeglass screwdriver, letter opener, nail puller, ruler, bottle opener, can opener, box opener, cellphone stand, hex-head nut and bolts, screwdrivers, and a fruit peeler. Reviewers said it is TSA-approved, but some had to remove it from their bag and put it on the belt by itself just to be safe.

Promising review: “This is definitely helpful to have on hand! The Ninja is small and slim but punches above its weight class in terms of usefulness. The tools are all things you might find yourself searching through a drawer for and are useful in a pinch. It fits comfortably in your wallet and will help you open a beer or tighten a screw. The coolest feature that I couldn’t find on most other similar products was the credit card phone stand. It is great for planes and other travel applications (I haven’t had trouble bringing this on a plane anywhere I have traveled, FYI).”— Mary

Neal Pottery / Etsy

A simple and beautiful earring bowl for keeping your earrings tidy and in view and your trinkets

Promising review: “I’ve been struggling to find an efficient and pretty way to organize my earrings for ages, and this is the PERFECT solution. The bowl is a great size, and displays ~30 pairs of earrings really nicely. The height is about the length of a finger, so it’s just tall enough for almost any pair of dangle earrings. I just keep my larger earrings and studs in the bowl. 🙂 It’s beautifully made and is even better in person than in the pictures. It was also very securely packaged. Highly recommend!” —hippiellama

Neal Pottery is a Florida-based small biz that handcrafts functional stoneware to beautify and simplify your life.

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