‘I compared Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire pudding to supermarket brands and one featured one’

An intrepid writer decided to compare the Yorksh ire puddings of Aunt Bessie, Aldi, Lidl, Morrisons, Asda, and Tesco to find out which was the tastiest or a little bland – and there was clearly a winner.

Photo: Asda's Yorkshire Pudding
Yorkshire puds put to the taste test

An intrepid reporter compared Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire pudding to some of the supermarket’s own brand cakes, and there was one tough winner.

The mainstay of any Sunday roast, Yorkshire pudding has long graced UK tables.

And while they’re relatively easy to make, using only a handful of ingredients, not everyone has the time or money to preheat the oven, grease a baking sheet, and bake.

Instead, a quick walk down to the nearest supermarket or your local store can often find you a dozen Yorkshire puddings for under a pound.

Then, in just a few minutes in the oven, they are golden brown and ready.

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Five different brands of Yorkshire pudding compared with Aunt Bessie’s


Mellissa Dzinzi)

But which pre-made puds are the best? And which number is left to be desired?

A reporter from LeedsLive Start trying and researching, tasting the supermarket’s own brands, and comparing them to Aunt Bessie’s – long considered the gold standard – to see what comes out on top.

Keep reading to see how they got on.


Aldi .’s own brand Yorkshire pudding


Mellissa Dzinzi)

Aldi is known for their own brand products so it is not surprising to see they have their own brand of Yorkshire Pudding – Just Like Grandma’s.

In 65p you get 12 golden Yorkshire cakes.

I really enjoyed them, they don’t taste bland, they taste sweet(ish) when you bite into them and they’re golden as promised.

I would rate them four out of five, for full marks I wish they were a bit bigger.

Rating: Four out of five.

Price: 65p for 12


Morrisons owning Yorkshire bran pudding leaves a lot to be desired


Mellissa Dzinzi)

After trying Aldi pudding, hopes were high that maybe private-brand alternatives had nailed the Yorkshire pudding.

However, Morrisons lacked flavor, and was even bland.

However, the good thing is their color and crispiness after cooking in the oven.

They’re quite small but have the exact texture you’d expect from a Yorkshire pudding but nothing to really rave about.

Rating: Two out of five.

Price: 85p for 12


Tesco Yorkshire puddings ranks average among its competitors


Mellissa Dzinzi)

Again, these have small sides but they have a nice golden color after cooking in the oven.

Not much of a flavor to them but that’s not really to be expected when it comes to Yorkshire Pudding.

Tesco’s Yorkshire pudding will receive an average rating of three out of five.

Rating: Three out of five.

Price: 50p for 15


Asda .’s own Yorkshire pudding brand


Mellissa Dzinzi)

One visible difference with these Yorkshire Puddings is the size.

Spread out on a tray, the ones from Asda are in the middle, they’re not the biggest or the smallest.

They have a golden and crunchy texture when you bite into them, but they are bland.

Rating: Three out of four.

Price: 75p for 12

Aunt Bessie’s

Aunt Bessie’s, Yorkshire’s famous pudding brand


Mellissa Dzinzi)

Hopes are high and expectations are set for Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puddings because of their popularity and long-standing dominance as the best in town.

Of those, they’re the biggest Yorkshire puddings a mile away, they’re perfectly golden in color and have a lovely crunch.

Even after eating four other brands before that, they instantly became one of the favorites of all.

On top of that, due to their size, one or even a half can be enough for several when accompanying the grill.

Rating: Four out of five

Price: £1.65 for 10


Lidl Yorkshire Pudding


Mellissa Dzinzi)

Finally, the Simply Yorkshire Puddings from Lidl. The classic German deli has made a name for itself all over the UK.

But when it comes to its Yorkshire puddings, there’s nothing to write home about. They are fine, nothing out of the ordinary.

Although golden and has a good texture, the baked pudding doesn’t stand out at all from the rest.

Rating: One in five.

Price: 50p for 15


Out of all six packages, there is one clear favorite for me.

Aldi’s Just Like Grandma puds are just right in taste, with the right thickness, sweetness, color and texture. But Aunt Bessies was almost right.

Yorkshire Pudding does not all taste the same despite having the same four ingredients.

You should taste different items from different stores to find the one you like best. For me, those are the ones from Aldi – and they’re a bargain too!

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