“I do my makeup with testers in stores – I don’t care if people say it’s unsanitary

One woman has revealed that she sees beauty salons as “mobile makeup collections” and regularly applies in-store test makeup all over her face that any other shopper could use

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Woman uses makeup tester to get ready for ‘free’

At some point, all of us have smeared a bit of concealer or eyeshadow on the backs of our hands to test the color — though few people would actually consider applying samples to their face every day as part of their job form Routine.

For 18-year-old Amira Saskia, on the other hand, beauty shops with the Londoner can also serve as a “mobile make-up collection”. social media Manager regularly applies public testers to her face while getting ready.

With a series of tick tock In videos that have since gone viral, Amira can be seen painting her face with beauty products scattered on counters across the city.

Her hack has received a somewhat mixed reception, with some followers calling her “unsanitary.”

However, Amira isn’t too upset about the criticism, arguing, “As long as I have a good foundation, I don’t care”.

Some have called Amira “unhygienic”.


Jam Press Vid/@moroccanprincess)

Amira considers beauty counter a ‘mobile makeup collection’


Jam Press Vid/@moroccanprincess)

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In a clip that has more than 7.3 million views and 931,000 likes, Amira a NARS Branded concealer, adds lipstick and contour to complete her look while remaining undetected.

A separate video, which has had more than 1.1 million views and 112,000 likes, shows Amira starting with Basic skin care before snagging free makeup samples scattered everywhere Harrods beauty counter.

In the video, Amira applies a luxurious La Mer moisturizer before proceeding to test her perfect shade of foundation from upscale makeup brand NARS while using publicly available brushes and wands for temporary application.

At one point, an employee asks if Amira needs help, but doesn’t seem to make her aware of her behavior.

Amira doesn’t care about the criticism she receives


Jam Press Vid/@moroccanprincess)

Some followers have admired her confidence


Jam Press Vid/@moroccanprincess)

A concerned user wrote that they were “praying for your skin,” while another noted their actions were “unsanitary.”

A third winced, “There’s pink eyes and cold sores lol,” while a fourth shuddered, “They did this study and found fecal matter on testers lol.” [sic]

However, not everyone was against Amira’s frugal makeover hack.

Another user commented: “These [videos] make me happy”.

Another agreed: “I’m a firm believer that if you do something with confidence, people won’t question you.”

Amira, meanwhile, has defended herself against negative comments, saying she “experimented” when it came to makeup and rarely had skin problems.

Amira says she rarely had any skin complications


Jam Press Vid/@moroccanprincess)

Amira thinks: “All advertising is good advertising”


Jam Press Vid/@moroccanprincess)

She said: “Some say they love my confidence and others say it’s unsanitary – but as long as I have a good foundation I don’t care. Most of the time, the staff admire my confidence and I connect with them by asking their advice on my makeup.

“In five out of ten cases I end up buying something. It’s pointless [though] since there are hundreds of makeup stores that i can use every day. I’ve been doing this my whole life because I don’t see it as a business.

“I can use [them] anytime to do any look i want to get ready in no time. I’ve never let hate bother me because if they don’t know me personally, why should I take it personally?”

There were even some positives from Amira’s cosmetics controversy, as her own beauty brand – a hair oil called Drop of Gold – hit record sales thanks to her huge online following.

She continued: “Any publicity is good publicity and from this video alone I sold 941 bottles of my hair oil in just one day which is crazy.

“Yes, some people scroll past the video thinking I’m embarrassing myself, but I see an ingenious strategy to sell my oil and grow my fan base.”

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