“I don’t know if I could be as brave as Adam” – David King on how his son’s resilience inspired a new children’s book

I believe that great lessons can be taught through stories. When I wrote Sir Adam the Brave and the Moody Monsters I wanted to write a book that I would like to have when Adam is in the hospital and he is sad and scared.

maintained monster is in the book frightened because he has a splinter in his foot. Sir Adam lets the monster hold his teddy bubby. The doctor says, “One, two, three,” and that’s what Adam does in real life when he needs surgery. He counts to three and when he wakes up it’s over and we have a toy or treat for him.

That’s his approach and it’s really brave. I don’t know if I could be that brave.

This book is a departure from A hug for youalthough it is still inspired by Adam and his experiences [with osteogenesis imperfecta type III, a brittle bone condition]it’s more of a fantasy.


“What I’m most proud of is that Adam has become a very positive role model for children with disabilities.” David König. Photo: Richard Lane

Sir Adam the Brave and the Capricious Monsters is very much a creation of my mind and heart. It takes place in the magical kingdom of Wompie, where they are preparing for the Wompie Wonder Fair. The fair is in jeopardy thanks to the Moody Monsters who have taken over the kingdom.

A little boy shows up to get rid of the monsters and the older people all doubt him because he’s small and doesn’t have a horse and he’s just not what they think a knight should be. But Adam goes out and confronts the Moody Monsters and finds out what makes them moody.

The monsters reflect the emotions and concerns Adam has in his life. He’s got a big heart and when people see him they picture this amazing beautiful kid and he’s all those things but he’s also a human being and humanly imperfect.

Sometimes he feels left out and sometimes he’s scared. and he gets frustrated that he has a condition. The inspiration came from a family friend. She has the same condition as Adam and she spoke to me about the importance of telling him it’s okay to have those feelings. The Moody Monsters, when listened to, are not to be feared, just understood.

Adam is really brilliant at managing his Moody Monsters. He never has a bad day. He only has bad moments. He is seven or eight and he is wise beyond his years. As his mother Fiona would describe him, he is a gentleman. Even when he has his difficult moments, he always remembers his manners and that’s important.

Adam’s performances the late one late show changed our lives on the outside because people were starting to recognize him and it was amazing how many people came forward and the impact the hugs had, but our family unit was still our unit.

What I am most proud of is that Adam has become a very positive role model for children with disabilities and for that we are very grateful The Late Late Show Therefore. It was a lot of fun too. Ryan Tubridy called home and ate cake and bounced on the trampoline.

Adam is the fourth of our five children – Danny is 13, Katie is 11, Robert is 10 and Sarah is three. Fiona and I often wonder how different it would have been if Adam had come first. He had to join the others and everything we do, we do as a family. When there’s a book launch it’s not just Adam and I, it’s the whole family and the boys are just happy to be a part of it.


“The book is really a message within a message.” David and Adam King start Sir Adam The Brave and the Moody Monsters. Photo: Richard Lane

I think I have a few more books up my sleeve. I’m more than proud of that A hug for you, but I’m also proud of this one because I’ve asked a lot of myself in terms of my writing and finding my voice. The book is truly a message within a message. The kingdom is an accessible place, a place for Adam to navigate, and that’s how the world should be. But it’s also about how the adults react to him and underestimate him because of his additional needs – in the end he is their hero.

We should never underestimate a child, especially what we perceive to be their ability.

In conversation with Sarah Caden

“Sir Adam the Brave and the Capricious Monsters”by David King, published by Sandycove, is available now in stores and online

https://www.independent.ie/life/i-dont-know-if-i-could-be-as-brave-as-adam-david-king-on-how-his-sons-resilience-inspired-a-new-kids-book-42059293.html “I don’t know if I could be as brave as Adam” – David King on how his son’s resilience inspired a new children’s book

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