“I don’t let my kids go to sleepovers – other parents fool me about it”

A mother has revealed she refuses to let her children attend sleepovers because she would “never forgive herself” if something happened to them while they were at someone else’s house


When it comes to educationeveryone has their own ideas of how it should be done – but one thing all parents agree on is that they want to protect their children.

A mother has revealed how she banned them children from making overnight stays to prevent them from ever getting into dangerous situations.

Of course, they are her children, so how to protect them is entirely up to her, but not all parents see it that way, which is why she had to teach her children how to explain the situation to their friends and their parents.

Alissa, the posts from the tick tock handle @mindheartedmamarecently posted a video on the app of her telling other parents that their kids won’t be staying at their house.

“Thank you for inviting us. We had so much fun, we’re going to leave now,” Alissa began the sample conversation before poking fun at another parent and asking, “Do your kids want to sleep with us sometime?”

She replied, “Oh, thanks for the invite, but we actually have a family rule that we don’t do sleepovers.”

When she mimicked the question of whether she thought the other parents would hurt their children, she replied: “Oh, it’s not personal at all, you know we love you and you are amazing. We have the same rules for all families.

“We don’t do overnight stays with any family. Just to protect the kids if something ever happened in someone’s home, we couldn’t live with ourselves.

“And we want to protect our children. So, again, it’s nothing personal, we just don’t do sleepovers with other families. Bye!”

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After posting the video, several TikTok users commented that they couldn’t understand why Alissa didn’t want her kids to go to sleepovers and suggested that she was preventing them from making special memories with friends.

“This is really crazy for me. Having sleepovers was absolutely one of the best memories I had growing up,” one TikTok user commented, while another added, “I couldn’t do that as I knew some of my own best memories were from sleepovers come. “

A third wrote: “I don’t get it. Sleepovers at my friends were my favorite childhood memories!!!”

“I had a very toxic household and have [sleepovers] Every weekend with friends has saved my whole life so much,” added a fourth.

Meanwhile, others expressed their concerns at the kids missing out on activities with their friends, with one writing: “I can only imagine the emotional toll as they get left more and more boisterous. Some of my best childhood memories were of sleepovers with my friends!!”

“Ooof, I saw this happen to a friend. She always felt left out and could never go to sleepovers. She really talked about hating her childhood,” added another.

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