“I dumped my buddies after they pretended not to know me – now they’re angry”

A man was left stunned after his friends at a pub pretended not to know him – as they were furious when he decided to dump them and go home

Three men in a bar
The man was left at the bar by his friends (stock photo)

When you go to the pub with your friends, you can usually assume that you’ll be staying with them all night – especially if you’re all in a car together.

But one man has found that isn’t always the case after he left his two buddies at their table to go to the bathroom and came back to the pair, insisting they had no idea who he was.

In a post on Reddit, the 21-year-old explained that he went to a bar with two friends, both of whom were women, and agreed to be the designated driver for the night and not to drink.

Things were going smoothly until the man quickly went to the bathroom and came back to find his friends who were chatting up three other guys – and when he got to them they acted like they’d never met him before.

The guy received angry messages from his buddies after going home without them (stock photo)


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In his posthe said: “Two days ago I was at the bar with my friends. I’m about to return home for the summer and I really wanted to hang out one last time. I had planned not to drink that night so I drove us there.

“We hang out and talk and I have to take a leak. I wait in line for p**s and when I come back they are there with three guys. So I go back to the table and one of the guys asks if he can help me.

“I tell him the girls they are talking to are my friends. They look at my friends and say they don’t know me. It’s just getting awkward because I don’t know what to do and one of the guys says I should go. I thought the best thing would be to just walk away.”

At this point the man decided he would make the most of his time at the pub away from his friends and decided to grab a few drinks before taking a cab home.

But the next morning, he faced angry text messages from his friends who were angry at him for dumping them and leaving them alone with men they didn’t know.

He added: “I sit down at the bar and have decided I’ll drink as I have nothing better to do with myself. I get an apology message saying one of my friends really likes one of the guys and if I would come back to them the guys would probably leave. Eventually, after getting a bit confused, I decided to go home. I grab an Uber and go home and go to sleep.

“I wake up in the morning with a lot of messages from them. They asked where I had gone, if I had gone, wanted me to come back, said they couldn’t get the boys to go and then they couldn’t come home without being taken by me too will. Eventually they said they ordered an Uber but were mad at me.

“I called them and they said it was a friggin’ step for me to go like that. You said you don’t just leave your girlfriends with a bunch of random guys. I said they left me for saying random guys first. We got into an argument and now they won’t talk to me.

Commenters on the Reddit post were equally stunned by the women’s actions, saying the man wasn’t at fault for going home without her.

One person said: “Drop them. Got the audacity to pretend you’re a weirdo in a bar and then text you later that you’re crazy that you went on bail? Wow.”

While another added: “If they’re expecting you to leave and they do it like they don’t know you, they shouldn’t expect a ride home. In that situation, it was perfectly fair of you to leave her and go home yourself.”

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