‘I Get Paid To Watch The Simpsons And Eat Donuts – I’m A Real Life Homer’

Alexander Townley, 26, from Nottingham, sat down in January with the huge task of watching 717 episodes of The Simpsons before the end of the year – and he was even given a free snack

Alexander Townley
Alexander Townley got his dream job

We all fantasize about the perfect job when our 9-5 is a bit heavy.

On a bleak Tuesday afternoon when the promise of the weekend was so far away, we couldn’t blame ourselves for thinking about our dream job.

For some, it might be a luxury hotel reviewer, and for others, perhaps a professional chocolate taster. There’s some amazing work out there that we just can’t believe actually exists.

A man who describes himself as a huge fan of TV’s most popular cartoon family thinks he can boast the best job in the world.

Alexander Townley, 26, from Nottingham, gets paid £5,000 a year to watch each episode of The Simpsons – and he even gets free donuts to sweeten the deal.

Alex has 717 episodes of cartoons to get through


Jam Press / platincasino.co.uk)

He also works as a supervisor in a cafe


Jam Press / platincasino.co.uk)

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He says he’s been obsessed with the show for as long as he can remember – so when his brother tagged him in a recruitment ad to analyze the episodes, he took the opportunity.

“I’m a huge Simpsons fan and watching it for the money is something I’ve always dreamed of,” he said.

“As part of my job, I’m required to thoroughly analyze each episode and I can stuff my face with the free vegan donuts they send me weekly – who doesn’t love that? ?

“I’ve always found The Simpsons to be thoroughly engaging; the reason it has stood the test of time is because it’s reflective of society and based on stereotypes!

“For example, a fat American dad with a champion wife and kids, a police officer with a pig’s nose, and a school principal with uncomfortably good posture.”

While it sounds like Alexander has the easiest job in the world, he says there’s a lot more to it than just sitting down and watching on the phone.

When not glued to the box, he also works as a supervisor in a coffee shop.

“It’s not as simple as just watching a few episodes and relaxing on the sofa,” says Alexander.

“I had to sit with a notebook and a pen and have to write down every little detail, even the opening with the sequence of the blackboard and the couch.

Alexander hopes to one day play a guest role on his favorite TV show


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“There were even weeks where I watched up to 30 episodes in one day, several days in a row and it really drained me.

“Now it’s gotten to the point where I’ll put something else in just to break the cycle a little bit and I’ll start to subconsciously analyze that too!”

Alexander, who even has a tattoo of the Simpsons, has a big task on his hands – with a total of 717 episodes to overcome.

After documenting his findings, he will report back to PlatinCasino.co.uk.

His favorite characters are Homer and Groundskeeper Willie, but he also likes Otto, Professor Frink, and Hans Moleman.

When Alexander first came to the gig, he said that none of his friends believed him — until he got the donuts in the post.

“Some of my mates are jealous but still happy for me,” he said.

While Homer in real life often invites his partner to watch the show with him, he is also looking for his own Marge.

He said, “Believe it or not, ladies, I’m still single.

“My ex never watched The Simpsons, I remember on one of our first dates I got my El Barto tattooed and she had no idea what it was referring to.

“If there’s any Simpsons honey out there hit me!”

He’s hoping to get the attention of animator Matt Groening so he can be on his favorite show.

Alexander added: “I know for a fact that the Simpsons creators know about this work, so if you’re reading this, Mr Groening, I’d like to feature in an episode based on this crazy work!

“I’ve also never been to the US so if they can get me out there and I can work with them that would be great.

“I know it’s a bit cheeky, but I’ll never get a chance to ask again – so why not?”

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