‘I look up and there are riot cops with guns pointed at me’ – Holly Carpenter and James Kavanagh announce they have been arrested in Paris after being ‘quite set on fire’ on the plane


Former Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter and social media personality James Kavanagh have announced they were arrested during a trip to France.

s Carpenter (30) is an Irish model and influencer and Mr Kavanagh (32) is a food writer and TV presenter.

The two friends were planning an impromptu trip to Paris with friends Rob Kenny and Stefan Langan in early 2020.

Speaking on Carpenter’s new podcast Filter Free, the Dublin natives said they enjoyed a few drinks before getting to the airport and on the flight to Paris.

“I kind of held back from telling this story because I felt like we were doing something wrong … but actually we weren’t. I was ashamed of that for a long time,” James said.

“We got about three bottles of Prosecco at the airport,” Holly said.

“We got on the plane and it was pretty empty and we just got a little dizzy, we had never been on vacation together, the drinks cart was passing by so it got pretty light on the plane there wasn’t really that many around us,” said James.

Once they landed, they made their way to passport control, where Kavanagh found he didn’t have his passport.

“Now it turns out I forgot my passport on the plane, so me and Stefan ran back to the plane giggling, laughing and maybe a little too loud. So we ran back to the plane, got on and chatted with all the staff,” Kavanagh said.

“Next I look up and there are riot cops with guns pointed at me and Holly and I said ‘sorry’.”

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The couple were suddenly handcuffed but were not told why they were being arrested.

“So we were handcuffed and taken into this room and at that point I was still a little dizzy and I don’t know if I thought it was real because it was just so ridiculous, we hadn’t done anything warrant an arrest,” James said.

“We were handcuffed in public, in front of everyone, everyone gasped.”

“There was huge civil unrest in France at the time, so I don’t know if they were just on high alert and thought we were more dangerous than we were.”

Kavanagh joked: “We were just two lit up girls from Dublin. My crime is that I like to have fun.”

“So we were brought into this room, the worst part was nobody told us why we were arrested, they laughed at us,” he said.

The couple said the ordeal was “terrifying,” and Carpenter said she was starting to get upset.

Kavanagh said, “I was begging them like, ‘Can you tell us why we’re in here?’ And they kept saying ‘Non, be quiet’.

“It was honestly like we were being kidnapped, they weren’t even wearing police uniforms, it was like riot gear.”

The couple then explained that Holly was taken to a separate room and strip searched and both had their blood tested.

After what felt like an eternity, Holly and James thought they would be set free as they “marched through the airport with guns.”

However, the pair were put in the back of a car and taken to jail and placed in cells side by side.

“What was also terrible was that they laughed at how upset we were,” James said.

The two friends also claimed officers Googled Holly’s name and threatened to take a picture of her and post it on Twitter.

Holly said: “I actually thought everyone at home like my family and friends had a picture of me in a cell.”

“They didn’t give us water either and people were screaming, it was really awful and cold,” James said.

They were released 15 hours later but said they were “shattered” by the incident.

The model said: “I was so devastated and also felt kind of hurt. They moved my suitcase, they laughed in my face, they made me give them my bra. They were so shady.”

Kavanagh also revealed that €200 had been stolen from his wallet while she was in detention.

https://www.independent.ie/style/celebrity/celebrity-news/i-look-up-and-theres-riot-policemen-with-guns-pointed-at-me-holly-carpenter-and-james-kavanagh-reveal-they-were-arrested-in-paris-after-getting-quite-lit-on-plane-41600074.html ‘I look up and there are riot cops with guns pointed at me’ – Holly Carpenter and James Kavanagh announce they have been arrested in Paris after being ‘quite set on fire’ on the plane

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