‘I love people who are always arguing and challenging me’ – Dermot Bannon to his client ‘Room for improvement’


Architect Dermot Bannon, poster boy for home renovations, finds the plight of young people trying to buy their first home on the current market “heartbreaking”.

The Room to Improvement host describes the current housing market as “scary” and believes more legislation is needed to protect those hoping to buy their first home.

“Some scary things are happening in the market.

“There is something very, very wrong in the current housing market, and something will have to come up.

“It’s like when it comes to buy-to-let options, and you have investors who own huge apartment blocks, but people can’t afford them and are forced to rent.

“I think something fundamentally has to change in the market and it can largely be controlled by the government.

“It (the market) is not completely out of our control, and I think we have left the running of the market to the funds.

“I understand we live in a capitalist society, and we have to keep the money moving. But have we gone too far?
“I don’t really know where it’s going, but I hope things start to change soon. I think the legislation can help,” he continued.

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“We have a right to an education; to health care, but we don’t have the right to put our roof over your head, which is perhaps more fundamentally important than education.

“When buying a house it was really difficult, but for young people now, it’s not only difficult but impossible.

“I’m hearing stories where people say they have no hope of getting a home, and it’s heartbreaking to hear.

“Buying a home is never easy. I’ve never met anyone who had enough money to buy the first house and then have it left over.

“But for me now, as every generation goes by, it just gets worse and worse.

“It hurts to think about it.”

Tomorrow night’s Innovation Room sees Dermot once again struggle the line between a couple’s dreams and their budget.

Bannon travels to Thurles, Co Tipperary, where Jim and Mary Moloney want to bring back their home with a profoundly 21st-century supplement.

Jim and Mary built their house 30 years ago and haven’t really changed it in any way since.

Both of their adult children have flown back to the nest, and they want to get the house ready for the next chapter in their lives.

Dermot has a challenge: he has to work within a budget of 210k euros and has a lot of work to do for what Jim and Mary want.

There are nail-biting moments in Room to Improve on Classic Tradition, but Jim and Mary deliver no drama. There were no furrowed brows or great disappointment in Dermot’s trip to Tipp.

“You have a dream, and then you have a budget.

“That’s really the hardest part of the job is when someone walks in and lists all the things they want to do. And my job is to bring them back to reality.

“But even with that fact, the pretty amazing Moloney still rolls with the punches.”

Dermot can’t say enough about the time he was in love with Jim and Mary.

He admitted that he “didn’t always” have the same experience as the other participants.

“But I love people who argue and challenge me.

“Interesting characters aren’t always the most approachable.

“Everybody assumes it’s because someone is against me or starts to assume that I can’t stand them.

“Not really. I love those people, they have teeth.

“Some people the audience thinks I have to hate are around, they’re people you want to be with.

“Because they’re craic and will tell you what it’s like.

“They’re not dull, and I like people who aren’t dull.

“The problem is whenever I meet someone new, they just want to talk about what I do.

“And I just wanted to learn about them. I was fascinated by people.”

After years of being on our screens, Bannon says he’s developed “a pretty thick skin” when it comes to “not-so-nice” comments on social media.

“I have been doing this for a long time.

“It’s horrible when you read something about yourself for the first time and it’s not very commendable, and it’s written by someone you’ve never even met. There’s no way to describe it.

“I want to always protect clients from that, but you can’t prepare people for that.

“I’m at this stage right now. I don’t really care what people write about me.

“I just wish I could protect clients from it.”

Bannon largely avoids Twitter and says he sees “Instagram as a much better platform.”

However, he thinks people should be more conscious of what they post online.

“I never post pictures of my kids on social media because I don’t know how I would react if someone made nasty comments about them.

“If I post an Instagram post, I’ll read it over and over and find holes in it to see if there’s anything that might offend anyone there.

“I don’t think people realize it when they post a social media post to the level of reach it can reach. And the impact it has and the outrage it can cause for some. people.

“I’m very careful on social media. If I put something out there, I have to be happy that it’s going to be there in the next 1000 years, and my kids and grandchildren will be able to read it. “

Room to Improve airs at 9:30 PM on Sundays on RTÉ One & RTÉ Player

https://www.independent.ie/entertainment/television/tv-news/i-love-the-people-who-have-a-debate-and-challenge-me-dermot-bannon-on-his-room-to-improve-clients-41438938.html ‘I love people who are always arguing and challenging me’ – Dermot Bannon to his client ‘Room for improvement’

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