“I read my daughter’s diary after noticing a change in behavior – now she’s angry”

One woman says she was concerned that her 13-year-old daughter was acting out of character and read her diary to know what was going on. The teenager caught her in the act and reacted angrily

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Nova was furious to find her mother flipping through her private diary (stock photo)

As a parent of a teenager is never easy, especially when you’re worried you might be dealing with something you don’t know about.

However, many believe you mother has taken things way too far after she was apparently caught reading her 13-year-old daughter’s diary, invading the girl’s privacy so much that she was understandably furious.

The concerned mum claims she’s noticed her daughter, who she uses the alias Nova, has gone from being very sociable to suddenly introverted and quiet in recent weeks.

To know if anything serious was going on, she decided to take a look at Nova’s journal while the teenager was busy packing for a trip. However, she didn’t expect Nova to walk in and catch her in the act.

Nova had been acting out of character, so her mother decided to snoop around a bit (stock photo)



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The mother says she has always had a good relationship with Nova and that over the past month she has noticed changes in her overall demeanor.

Accept reddit, She wrote: “She didn’t go out with her friends that much anymore and she never really brought them up. That’s just an example I think, but I’ve noticed a change in her behavior. She was much more introverted and quiet.

“I tried casually asking about her friends a few times and she mumbled a quick reply and went back to what she was doing.”

After speaking separately with Nova’s father Justin and her stepfather Michael, both admitted they saw differences in the normally outgoing boy.

The poster decides to find out for himself who bears the username u/AITAdiary – waited for Nova to pack for a trip to her father’s house and sneaked into her room to read through her diary.

She continued, “I’ve found a few reasons why she’s changed. She has written that she struggled with her friends, struggled to maintain friendships, and had many social anxiety issues.

“She didn’t want me to know, she wrote. She said I would make a big deal out of it.”

Unfortunately, Nova caught her flipping through her journal and all hell broke loose.

Looking back, the poster wondered if she’d made a horrible mistake, recalling: “She called me Ab**** and said it was an invasion of privacy.

“She told both Michael and Justin and they think it was a terrible idea and I shouldn’t have done it. I feel bad for reading her diary, but I found out she’s struggling.”

Other Reddit users advised her that this was absolutely not the way to make sure her daughter is okay, and advised her to instead try to have conversations with her instead of betraying her trust.

One person wrote: “Try to have a real conversation with your daughter instead of nosing around. I’m an adult and my mom and I had a strained relationship for two decades because she was so inquisitive and snooping around so much.

“To this day, it is unbearable for me when someone has access to my personal belongings. Stop doing this to your daughter.”

Another warned: “Unless you handle this exceptionally well now, your daughter will never confide in you about her feelings afterwards, nor will she feel like she has privacy and will do everything to hide everything from you.”

“You’re not snooping around in your kids’ journals — that’s their safe place. If she doesn’t want to share things with you, that’s her right. She’s a teenager, she won’t share everything with you.

“She will deal with teenage drama and emotion and will come to you if she wants to. Give her her space. Sincerely, the child of a sniffing helicopter mom.”

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