I started getting blurred vision

A YOUNG woman realized her vision was blurry before being diagnosed with a rare disease.

Alisha Khan kept seeing a gray patch in her right eye wherever she looked and straight lines became shaky.

Alisha Khan started seeing a gray spot in her eye and shaky lines


Alisha Khan started seeing a gray spot in her eye and shaky lines

The nail technician couldn’t see anything in her eye, so she rushed to the hospital.

There she was diagnosed with Punctate Internal Choroidopathy, or PIC, an inflammatory condition that affects the eye’s choroid – the vascular layer.

It mainly affects young and short-sighted women, with symptoms varying from person to person.

They may contain a blind spot, blurred visiondistorted vision, perceived flashes of light, and vision loss.

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Most cases resolve on their own, but the inflammation can have lasting consequences visual loss and scarring.

She said: “During the first year I had PIC I wasn’t overly concerned as the doctors told me the PIC was stable, there wasn’t much activity and there was nothing to worry about.

“I didn’t know what PIC was at the time and I didn’t realize how bad it could get.

“A year later, in February 2020, I noticed another gray spot.

“I rushed to the eye clinic and that’s when the doctor told me I needed an emergency injection called Ozurdex in my eye.

“It’s a type of steroid and the drug is contained in a long-lasting implant and releases the drug slowly over many months.

At one point I had about eight lesions in the back of my eye; Blood vessels were leaking (that’s what causes the gray spots, and there was a lot of inflammation).

“So the doctors told me I would need to have a different type of injection in my eye and this would be done in a cycle of three.

“After that I have to have it done every four weeks. This treatment is called Eylea.

“Pictures were missing. I couldn’t read text, couldn’t write, couldn’t work, couldn’t see clearly. I could even see the sidewalk.

“Imagine waking up one day with perfect vision and the next you can’t see anything. This feeling is so scary and heartbreaking.”

Alisha is Fundraising to keep them afloat when she cannot work because of her eyesight.

It’s not clear what triggers PIC, but both genetic predisposition and environmental factors are believed to be involved.

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One theory is that it is an autoimmune disease where multiple genes interact with each other, and an environmental “trigger” (like an infection or stress) causes a person to develop PIC.

For people who need treatment, this can include injections, pills, therapy, or surgery.

She's hoping for help with the bills for the times she can't work


She’s hoping for help with the bills for the times she can’t work

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