“I told my co-worker to stop telling me about her pregnancy — I’m just not interested.”

One man was fed up with his pregnant worker constantly talking to him about the ins and outs of her pregnancy, and things came to a head after she unfairly stereotyped him

Pregnant woman at the desk (photo)
She spoke to him at length about her pregnancy every day (photo)

One man, exhausted by the amount his coworker talked about her pregnancy, decided to politely let her know he wasn’t really interested and advised her to talk to someone else.

Although he didn’t mind talking about it in an appropriate manner as he is fully aware of what a huge and exciting thing this is for her, he feels that she has taken it way too far and says, that he now “knows the ins and outs of her pregnancy better than her gynecologist did at the time.”

According to this angry man, his co-worker has been talking to him about her pregnancy for at least 20 minutes every day for the past two months, and he just didn’t care to go into detail.

After he gently directed her elsewhere, she unfairly stereotyped him, saying that since he was the “gay dude” of the office, she naturally assumed that he and her female colleagues would be more interested in the subject than they were straight men they worked with. At this point he finally snapped.

He tried to be polite at first but was frustrated by her response (photo).


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Speaking to Reddit, the stuffed clerk admitted that assumption “p***** [him] a lot,” so he didn’t hold back on letting her know how he really felt. When he thinks about it, he worries that maybe he was a little too harsh.

The man – who goes by the username u/u354i23 – wrote: “I told her I don’t care about the insides of her uterus and that she should keep it to herself. I’m not your OB/GYN and it’s disgusting.

“I also told her that we’re not friends and that colleagues, gay or straight, don’t want regular updates on how much better the pregnancy sex she’s having with her husband is, or how much she craves peanut oil , or how her breasts got bigger.”

He continued, “She got quite upset after I chewed her out and has avoided me ever since, hardly willing to speak to me even if it’s work relevant.

“I overheard her complaining about how mean I was to her and how embarrassed she was to be pregnant/having a pregnant body. It wasn’t my intention, but I’m concerned now that I’ve crossed a line.”

Other Reddit users have advised the man that his colleague had crossed a line twice, first by not respecting his boundaries and second by stereotyping him as a gay man.

One person wrote: “As a Human Resources Manager. You need to go to Human Resources first. Your sex life is a very inappropriate work conversation. I’m sure you’re not the only one tired of their long conversations.

“Personally, she doesn’t work efficiently when she has so much time to talk. I’d bet big bucks other people get sick of them too. She sounds exhausting.”

Another said: “She clearly has a weird sexism / latent homophobia here, assuming all women want to hear her diatribe, and then associating you with those women too. Very strange.

“She wants a ‘gay best friend’ or something and apparently it’s you just because of the closeness.”

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