I trained like Chrissy Teigen

MODEL Chrissy Teigen has one of the most enviable personalities in the business.

But how does the 36-year-old with two children and a thriving restaurant business keep in shape?

Chrissy Tiegen has an enviable figure and still manages to put in a workout


Chrissy Tiegen has an enviable figure and still manages to put in a workoutPhoto credit: Instagram
If you've ever wondered how she gets her toned physique, it all comes down to one 20-minute workout


If you’ve ever wondered how she gets her toned physique, it all comes down to one 20-minute workoutPhoto credit: Instagram
I tried out working in a studio in London to see what all the fuss was about


I tried out working in a studio in London to see what all the fuss was about

The star has previously opened up about her love for a very nifty 20-minute workout that can burn hundreds of calories per session.

It is also preferred by people like Liz Hurley, Usain BoltRita Ora and Poppy Delevingne.

After trying it myself, it’s clear why it’s the workout of choice.

The so-called electro-muscle stimulation training (EMS) gives you the same sweat session as a high-intensity training (HIIT) but in half the time.

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It’s perfect for busy people on the go who want to get in a lot of exercise in under 30 minutes.

And trainers say it’s ideal for people who want to lose weight and get leaner.

What is EMS training?

During exercise, you’re connected to a machine that sends finely tuned electrical signals to your muscles that help them contract.

It aims to target all of your major muscle groups – glutes, quads, triceps and biceps – to strengthen and tone them.

When you arrive at the studio, you’ll be wearing a Lara Croft-style vest.

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The vest is sprayed with water, which helps the electrodes circulate the energy properly.

Wires are then attached to the vest, allowing you to reach mini-electrodes to stimulate your muscles.

But it’s not just a vest – to reach your triceps and quadriceps, you’ll also be strapped in those areas to make sure the electrodes reach you.

The signal is designed to mimic the natural signal the brain sends to your muscles when you exercise – but is far more powerful.

But don’t be fooled into thinking the machine does all the work.

While attached to it, do exercises like squats, sparring, and lunges.

It can help someone achieve broader goals, from people looking to lose weight and tone up, people looking to improve the muscle mass in their body, to someone who is getting to a high level and training for an Olympic event

Holly IsaacsArea Manager at Surge London

Combined with the stimulation, this helps contract 98 percent of muscle fibers, compared to 60 percent from exercise alone.

Studies have shown that EMS training is just as effective as high-intensity training for 16 weeks.

It is also low in potency, making it accessible to people of all shapes and sizes and suitable for people of all fitness levels.

That sounds great, but what is it really like?

It’s an intense workout – but it has to be for a 20-minute session.

You’ll be strapped into a suit, which is then hooked up to an electrical system that gently ‘buzzes’ you as you exercise.

The suit takes a little getting used to as it’s not your normal everyday attire at the gym, but you soon get used to it, it’s almost like dressing up.

It’s a strange feeling that I can best compare to sitting in a massage chair or using a massage gun.

The main difference is that a massage chair is relaxing and doesn’t usually make you sweat.

It’s a strange feeling, especially when you’re trying to fight it at the same time.

I found the sparring particularly challenging as my triceps just wouldn’t play along and it was almost like wading through water.

What does Chrissy say about EMS training?

It’s clear that Chrissy trains, but what does she think of EMS training?

On The Kelly Clarkson Show, the mother described the workout as “crazy.”

She said: “It’s 20 minutes but it’s like training for four hours.

“You’re hooked up to this wet wetsuit with the electronics stuck to your muscles.

“You make small movements and we all just die.”

Chrissy added that it hurt so bad it was uncomfortable to sit down.

First, you’ll be tested on each muscle group you’re going to train.

They are given small buzzes to ensure you can feel them through the suit and to ensure you get the most out of your workout.

For example, if you have strong legs, heart rates will be set higher, while for weaker areas like triceps and core, they’ll likely be set lower as you build strength.

trainers and department heads SurgeLondonHolly Isaacs explains, “It’s a total body workout.

“It targets eight major muscle groups at once.

“The electrodes send a signal to the muscle and allow the muscle to go into a full contraction phase.

“You may have had something similar to having your muscles vibrate with a massage technique.

“Here, however, the signal sends him into a full contraction phase, and that’s done by the built-in electrodes,” says Holly.

And as you exercise, micro-tears appear in your muscles.

Is EMS something for me?

According to Holly, on average, people spend about 30 minutes in the studio, including their session.

While it may seem like a challenge, Holly says, it’s really a workout that can be tailored to anyone.

“It’s about optimizing the maximum contraction of the muscle each time they come into a session so we can work towards different goals over time.

“If you have someone who’s injured and doesn’t want to lift heavy loads in the gym because they’re still recovering, we can still get a full maximum contraction in the muscle to be able to build them back up where they are.” have to be,” she says.

“It can help someone achieve broader goals, from people who want to lose weight and tone up, people who want to improve the muscle mass in their body, to someone who is getting to a high level and is training for an Olympic event.

“We have A-list celebrities doing this workout to keep up with their busy lifestyles and keep them in shape,” she continues.

“We have top athletes who use this for optimal performance and people who compete in the Olympics.

“And of course we have everyone in between.

“People who just want to stay fit and get fitter or just want to relieve their back pain.”

Exercising regularly and being in a calorie deficit – so burning more than you expend will help you lose weight.

The judgment…

As someone who does a lot of strength training and is also training for a half marathon, the session was welcome as it was different from my usual training.

Afterwards, although it’s a sweaty workout, I didn’t feel particularly flat and had a rush of endorphins.

Before the session, I had a bit of lower back pain from an intense training session a few days earlier, which was surprisingly relieved.

The next day I felt fine, but the day after – about 48 hours later – I felt quite sore. It didn’t really affect my daily life, but I was in quite a bit of pain.

Since this was something I’d never done before and it targeted all my muscle groups, I definitely felt more tired than usual.

It’s definitely something I’d like to try again to see what results it would produce over a long period of time.

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While the session is accessible to people of all shapes and sizes, it may not be accessible to those with different purse and wallet sizes.

There is a row of studios nationwide and prices can start from £20 per session and go up to £49.

It's a workout that really makes you sweat - so it's a good job they put equipment at your disposal


It’s a workout that really makes you sweat – so it’s a good job they put equipment at your disposal

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