“I unfriended my husband on Facebook – I can’t stand to see his sisters’ posts”

A woman has spoken out about unfriending her husband on Facebook as she dislikes seeing posts from her sisters-in-law which previously made her feel left out and left out

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She is fed up with the sisters’ behavior towards her (stock photo)

If you get married, This often means taking on the other person’s assortment family members, for better or for worse.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be blessed with kind, supportive people in-laws who will be only too happy to welcome you to the flock. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as one weary woman has learned all too well.

After marrying her husband some 15 years ago, an anonymous woman has never felt loved or valued by her sisters-in-law, who she claims “never wanted us to date or get married.”

The sisters have made their dislike of her all too clear, previously doing “little things like forgetting to include me in Christmas gift exchanges or planning family gatherings when they know I’ll be working.”

She understandably felt hurt by her dismissive behavior, which ultimately led her to unfriend her own husband Facebook.

The sisters previously made cruel bets on how long the marriage would last (stock photo)


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Accept reddit, The frustrated woman recalled, “For a year they wanted to take a family beach vacation and they asked me about my work schedule. I told them I could be free anytime other than the week of July 4th, so of course they scheduled it for the week of July 4th (they are self-employed and make their schedules)”.

In another similarly gruesome case, she says, the sisters actually went so far as to open a betting pool on the couple’s wedding day and take bets on how long the marriage would last. She would later learn that “two years was the max bet”.

The woman who’s fed up – known by the username u/Agreeable-Outside-99 – continued: “My husband didn’t have any Facebook until recently and said he started one because I post there and he wanted to follow and like my posts. He immediately became friends with his sisters.

“I told him I would prefer if they couldn’t see things I post as ‘friends of friends,’ but he refused to unfriend her, so I unfriended him. He’s mad at me and says I know how they are so it’s my fault let them come to me.”

As the poster explained, she had tried to block the sisters a few years ago, but eventually had to unblock them after they complained about them to her husband.

While she accepts she’s made it difficult for her husband now, she explained that it was a “rash decision” as she was “right above him and never stood up for me or showed me that I was more important.”

Many see exactly where she comes from and don’t understand why, after 15 years of marriage, her husband still doesn’t stand behind her when it comes to his sisters.

One person wrote: “Your in-laws are the real problem. Just because you know how they are doesn’t mean it’s okay. I don’t have Facebook, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to block your husband either. You and your husband definitely need to talk about your relationship with the in-laws.

Another advised: “Leave him unfriended and tell him he doesn’t have the privilege of seeing your Facebook if he doesn’t actively support you in dealing with their crappy behavior.” If he then continues, you will be given separate bedrooms.”

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