I was left behind after a nosy neighbor told me to stop wearing underwear

A WOMAN was left behind after her nosy neighbor told her to stop wearing lingerie in her PRIVATE home.

She received a violent knock on her home’s outfit selection from another resident, who said his young daughter had seen her – through a pair of binoculars.

Woman left behind by neighbor's strange complaint about her home clothes


Woman left behind by neighbor’s strange complaint about her home clothesCredit: Alamy

And to make matters worse, her husband even sided with the man, saying she should dress more appropriately behind closed doors.

The newly married woman shared her strange problem with Reddit users on the AITA forum, in an attempt to get reassurance about her stance.

She explains that she recently returned from her honeymoon with her new husband and is still wearing her underwear after coming home, which means she sometimes wears underwear in the morning.

The woman explained: ‘The other day, I was in the kitchen preparing coffee while my husband was out and when I heard a knock on the door, I immediately ran to grab my long rope before answering. “

She is greeted by the disgruntled neighbor next door, who tells her that his seven-year-old daughter can see straight into the living room from her bedroom.

He described his indignation at the young man’s recent discovery that she was wearing “inappropriate clothing” while using his binoculars.

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The woman continued: “I have been brought home.

“It turned out his daughter was using binoculars to view the courtyard but she was clearly peeking through our large glass window to see inside even though we had curtains.”

The man told her he believed it was inappropriate and that his child had “seen something she couldn’t see, that was inappropriate.”

She said in the post: “I asked him what he meant and he asked me to give it a little consideration when it comes to clothes (or lack thereof) but I think that’s ridiculous because it’s his home.” I.”

Although she insisted that she could wear what she liked in the comfort of her own home and that the little girl “didn’t have a job”, the nosy neighbor defended her opinion. mine.

He argued that his daughter was just a “filial” child and meant no harm, before the woman asked him to leave.

She added: “He didn’t fully understand and implied that he would take steps to make sure I didn’t ‘disclose’ ‘his daughter with such things in the future.

“He walked away and I just thought my whole day was ruined, especially after he said he was going to bring this to the attention of the neighborhood.”


After informing her husband of the dispute and asking for his support, he coldly told her that he had agreed with the man and that she should “just leave her underwear in the bedroom”.

He even instructs her to “learn how to dress decently to avoid this kind of incident.”

“He also said that I was wrong to tell our neighbor so and that if he was wearing shoes and his children witnessed ‘it’ he would be just as angry if not more , so we should cut down on our neighbor a little bit”. she speaks.

But shocked Reddit users rushed to defend the woman, encouraging her to stand her ground and wear what she likes.

One person wrote: “Both men blame it on you feeling comfortable behind closed doors while the neighbor’s kid peeks through the window with binoculars.

“He should teach his kids to mind their damn business.”

Another added: “I have a 7 year old. If she does, I will put away the binoculars and have a serious talk with her about respecting privacy.”

And the third said, “Your neighbors and your husband’s consent to them also matter.

“He should buy you more underwear as an apology. Then you can wear it around the house.”

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https://www.thesun.ie/fabulous/8264017/nosy-neighbour-told-me-stop-wearing-lingerie-in-house/ I was left behind after a nosy neighbor told me to stop wearing underwear

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